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Bowling Portfolio Management LLC Purchases 8967 Shares of Federal Agricultural Mortgage Corp. Class C (AGM)

Federal Agricultural Mortgage Corporation provides a secondary market for various loans made to borrowers in the United States. It operates through four segments: Farm & Ranch, USDA Guarantees, Rural Utilities, and Institutional Credit. The Farm & Ranch segment purchases and retains eligible mortgage loans that are secured by first liens on agricultural real estate; securitizes eligible mortgage loans, and guarantees the timely payment of principal and interest on securities representing interests in or obligations secured by pools of mortgage loans; and issues long-term standby purchase commitments on designated eligible mortgage loans. The USDA Guarantees segment purchases portions of certain agricultural, rural development, business and industry, and community facilities loans guaranteed by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA).

Ditech lost $40.5M in first full period after bankruptcy

Revenue increased to $148.1 million, an increase of $30.6 million, primarily due to $70.2 million in favorable fair value changes to its mortgage servicing rights.

However, its portfolio of owned and subserviced MSRs fell to $181.4 billion as of June 30 from $217.9 million on the same day in 2017, with a resulting decline in servicing fee revenue.

Ditech funded $2.6 billion in the quarter, nearly 38% less than the $4.2 billion it did in the second quarter last year. The originations segment had a pretax loss of $8.4 million for the quarter, compared with pretax income of $23.8 million one year prior.

Net gains on sales were $42.4 million, compared with $70.9 million in 2017's second quarter.

The reverse mortgage business had a pretax loss of $29.6 million, compared with a pretax loss of $13.6 million one year prior.

Separately, Impac Mortgage Holdings posted a second-quarter net loss of $97.4 million, compared with net earnings of $6.4 million one year prior.

How important is it to go with a mortgage broker that is accredited by the BBB when applying for an FHA loan?

I applied online with a company called First Mortgage Corporation out of Frisco, TX. I was approved and they are requesting actual bank statements for my checking and savings account. Is this normal?

Yes it is normal.. its required,, all pages (if your pages say 1 of 4, you need all 4). They are also checking for large unexplainable deposits etc.

Why are you using a BROKER? Why aren't you going through your bank for a mortgage?