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Tremont Mortgage Trust Reports Fourth Quarter and Year End 2017 Financial Results

Since completing our initial public offering, we have been active in the market meeting with owners of commercial real estate and intermediaries across the U.S., sourcing potential loan opportunities. During this time, our originations team has evaluated more than 140 prospective financing opportunities with a combined transaction value greater than $3 billion. As a result, we currently have seven outstanding term sheets totaling approximately $186 million and three outstanding loan applications totaling approximately $62 million for loan opportunities where we believe TRMT can be competitive. Unfortunately, we have not closed any investments and we are behind where we expected to be at this time. Because we are a new and relatively small company, we are proceeding cautiously. Nevertheless, we believe we are finding our niche and remain hopeful that we will be able to successfully deploy the capital raised in our IPO in the coming months.

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