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7 critical lessons for marketers from Advertising Week

Amidst the expected sessions on trends like AR and AI at the annual gathering in NYC, there was a lot of hand-wringing as attendees discussed a slew of concerns that have plagued marketing this year, including brand safety and a lack of transparency, as well as issues with agencies and programmatic. One particular area of concern is how big brands are increasingly putting their money where their mouths are when it comes to dissatisfaction with digital marketing by decreasing budgets. 

Unfortunately, there were no easy answers presented at Advertising Week. But what did emerge was a series of stepping stones brands can and must try to traverse in the months ahead so they can stay on the path of building awareness and engaging consumers while the industry continues to sort out the bigger issues. Here, in no particular order, are seven lessons from Advertising Week that will impact the marketing industry in the months ahead:


CIty Council: It's time to get a handle on illegal vacation rentals

The Honolulu City Council is once again trying to get control of the growing vacation rental industry and crack down on illegal units. 

"Because of the complexity of this issue, we have chosen to do nothing. But we need to work towards solutions. It's very clear that we're losing the Hawaii we know, but we also want to ensure residents can keep their homes," said Councilwoman Kymberly Pine. 

The council's Zoning and Housing committee considered four different proposals Thursday. 

One imposes new regulations on vacation rentals and allow neighbors to take legal action against these rentals. 

It also requires websites like Airbnb to submit reports with addresses and owner's information to the City. 

The company's lawyer says that's against federal law. 

"The Communications Act says that you can't get this information that is private without a warrant or some court process," said David Louie, attorney for Airbnb. 

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