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www.stopthepirates.blogspot,co m When the UNITED STATES declared bankruptcy, pledged all Americans as collateral against the national debt, and ...

Buying a House Sucks. These Startups Are Trying to Help

In 2007, Jason van den Brand was running his own mortgage brokerage in San Francisco. For a 27-year-old from Levittown, Pennsylvania, it was heady but pre­carious stuff: He oversaw 20 employees in a big office in Lower Haight, closing hundreds of millions of dollars of deals at the height of the real estate boom. Every day, van den Brand and his team cold-called hundreds of leads , and every day, he counseled borrowers frustrated by a never-ending list of required documents.

"I was a glorified telemarketer and a therapist guiding people through the American nightmare," he says, recalling the housing collapse . "The system was so broken that everything felt hopeless."

By the time it all went bust, van den Brand had sold that company, created a smaller successor he could run remotely, and started traveling around the world. Then he worked at a travel startup that sold to Living Social, and contemplated medical school. But the prospect of racking up $200,000 in student debt was pretty un­appealing--and van den Brand couldn't stop thinking about all those broken parts of the housing market. Eventually, he decided to try to fix them.

She stole from Harris Teeter charitable fund to pay her mortgage. Now prison is home.

From 2010 until March, according to the bill of information, Belk falsified documents and diverted payments to herself 45 times while performing foundation administrative tasks. Harris Teeter workers fund the foundation through donations deducted from their paychecks.

The foundation typically pays a financially distressed employee’s expenses with checks payable to the worker’s mortgage or utility companies. The foundation also buys gift cards for workers in need.

Belk modified employees’ approved financial hardship applications after payments were made to the workers, according to the bill of information. The changes caused additional checks to be issued to pay her expenses as well, according to the federal document.

Prosecutors said Belk also modified rejected applications to reflect that they had been approved, and then directed the issuance of checks to cover her expenses. She also used gift cards intended for employees in need to make purchases for herself, according to the bill of information.

the Mccanns are launching a book.All proceedings are going to the Madeleine fund?

Or should I say their holiday and house mortgage fund.
What is next a movie???

It's interesting that the book won't be published until April or May next year, so it's quite clear that the McCanns aren't expecting any breakthroughs by then......or perhaps they know full well that Madeleine wil never be found.