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Stephan Balino & Welton Kalani Found Guilty of Mortgage Fraud

Following a nine day trial, a jury found two Honolulu mortgage brokers guilty of offenses stemming from a mortgage fraud and money laundering ...

Invoca Study Finds People are Talking More and Typing Less as ...

/PRNewswire/ -- With more people going mobile-only and voice assistant usage expected to grow by 130% this year, we're entering a new era of communication where people are talking instead of typing. This shift, and the implications on the customer experience, are detailed in "The Rise of Voice," a new report by Invoca that highlights data from a survey of 1,000 U.S. adults who own in-home voice assistant devices, in addition to insights from over 50 million calls routed through Invoca's platform over the past year.

Voice device use is increasing rapidly — 45 million voice-assisted devices are now in use in U.S. homes, according to eMarketer —  and  people are using their voices to do more overall. Invoca's consumer survey found that 58 percent are using voice to accomplish tasks they used to do through typing or swiping, and one in four people said they are calling businesses more often. Invoca's analysis of 66 million calls also affirms the rise of voice: the company's platform data showed a 33 percent increase in the average number of calls per customer, per year, from 2014 to 2016.