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Breast cancer survivor raising money to help others fight the disease

One year after a breast cancer survivor nearly went into financial ruin while fighting her disease, she's helping make sure no others have to struggle financially during their fight.

Molly MacDonald of Beverly Hills, Michigan, was diagnosed with early-stage breast cancer in 2005. It was just five years after a divorce that left her "financially devastated," she told ABC News.

A mother of five, she said she was just about to accept a job that could have earned her six figures a year, with a car and health insurance, when she got her diagnosis.

"That diagnosis and treatment ... left me unemployed and unemployable," said MacDonald, 66. "I had no savings. We were already kind of living month to month. And the house we were in, I couldn't make the payments, so it went into foreclosure ."

MacDonald, who at the time underwent a lumpectomy and six weeks of radiation treatment, said she tried to bargain with creditors for any sort of financial relief.

ECB: Banks are ready for rising rates

The European Central Bank says banks under its jurisdiction appear well-prepared to face unexpectedly higher interest rates, but may be less ready for disruption from online banking.

The ECB's banking supervision division released results Monday of a stress test that showed suddenly rising rates would increase net interest income, an important part of bank finances.

Earnings at some banks have lagged due to the current very low interest rate environment that squeezes the margins between rates at which banks borrow and their lending rates.

The central bank said that in a hypothetical interest rate shock involving an increase of 2 percentage points, net interest income would increase by 4.1 percent this year and 10.5 percent next. The stress test imagined a sudden overnight increase. That is a highly unlikely scenario, but one which helps show whether bank finances are robust.