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Better Mortgage becomes billion-dollar originator | 2018-02-16 ...

Goldman Sachs took part in the company’s $15 million capital raise and previously invested $30 million in the company, which marked the first investment in a mortgage bank by a major Wall Street firm in almost 10 years.

Better Mortgage is also backed by  Kleiner Perkins  and  Pine Brook .

According to the company, in 2017, Better saw a 400% increase in its user base on a year over-year basis.

The company also recently agreed to take part in a program along with Fannie Mae Quicken Loans , and  Citizens Bank  that allows Airbnb users to use income from home-sharing to refinance their mortgage.

Better CEO and Founder Vishal Garg celebrated the company’s milestone and said that he has no plans to slow down.

“I started Better with the down payment I’d saved to buy my first home but wasn’t able to. Why? Because of an inefficient, antiquated mortgage process which functioned as if the internet had never been invented and caused us to lose the home to an all-cash buyer. I knew then that the entire industry needed to dramatically change,” Garg said.

Podcast 138: Vishal Garg of Better Mortgage

Anyone who has applied for a home mortgage (unless it is from one of the new fintech lenders) knows how painful the process still is today. It is somewhat crazy in our instant, on demand world that it can take 60 days to close on a mortgage today.

Our latest guest on the Lend Academy Podcast also thought it was crazy and decided to actually do something about it. Vishal Garg is the CEO and Founder of Better Mortgage and a few years back he missed out on buying his dream home because of the clunky and slow mortgage process. So, he started a company to completely turn this process on its head.

In this podcast you will learn:

How the experience of losing out on a house to an all cash buyer led to Better Mortgage. Why one of Vishal’s first moves in setting up his company was to buy a bank. The major problems with the mortgage application process today. The typical

Is a mortgage broker or a financial advisor better when you want help getting a good mortgage deal?

We know how much we want and know we can afford it, we just want to go over the options and get a good deal, but I don't know who would have more options, be more honest, etc. We are in the UK.

The difference between a mortgage adviser and a financial adviser is the qualifications they hold.