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There are better times ahead for mortgage finance

The mortgage industry's cycles of market and credit risk are a merry-go-round. The business tends to face the same risks over and over again, but these risks frequently come in different order than before. Liquidity, credit, operations and compliance are all key risks today which mortgage lenders must manage daily. But which risk factor comes next?

In this latest cycle, which started in 2012 when the recovery in the mortgage sector really began in earnest, we faced enhanced risks from regulators and also the federal government as evidenced by the remarkable volatility we've seen in mortgage rates. The sharp decline in the yield on long-dated Treasury securities creates a great deal of uncertainty about the economic outlook. The good news is that it seems likely that lower interest rates are here to stay and, hopefully, with less volatility.

Forecasts for mortgage origination rates were revised upwards due to the decline in interest rates. Indeed, unlike past credit cycles, market volatility has not led to an uptick in credit concerns, and loan default rates continue to fall. Delinquency rates are at the lowest level in 10 years, contributing significantly to the profitability of loan servicing operations. launches expansion in Charlotte, plans to hire 1000 new employees

Having raised well north of $150 million in capital this year alone, digital mortgage company is in full growth mode. According to details provided earlier this year by the company, Better has added more than 500 new employees in the last year and planned to hire at least 400 more this year.

But the company is not stopping there.

Better announced this week that it is planning a massive expansion in Charlotte and plans to hire 1,000 employees in its new North Carolina office over the next five years.

According to Better, the company plans to hire 100 new employees by the end of this year and will scale its operations in Charlotte from there.

The new office will serve as the hub for the partnership between Ally Financial and Better, which was announced earlier this year.

Back in April, Ally announced that it was turning to Better to power its direct-to-consumer mortgage offering called Ally Home . Specifically, the companies said they are launching a “new end-to-end digital experience for consumers looking for a mortgage loan from Ally,” which will be powered by Better.

Is a mortgage broker or a financial advisor better when you want help getting a good mortgage deal?

We know how much we want and know we can afford it, we just want to go over the options and get a good deal, but I don't know who would have more options, be more honest, etc. We are in the UK.

The difference between a mortgage adviser and a financial adviser is the qualifications they hold.

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