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Why Europe Beats USA Again In Electric Car Sales

But the growth in Europe was more organic. There were many different incentive schemes, often less generous than the US schemes, and badly publicized. Still, the European market overtook the US market and even the Model 3 avalanche this year could not close the gap.

In a previous article, I speculated about  non-US carmakers not exporting to the USA , that it was more profitable to deliver their products to customers who had signed a sales order and placed a deposit. Putting cars on a dusty parking lot at a dealer not really interested in selling them is a waste of resources. But the sales of locally produced plug-ins like the Chevy Bolt, Nissan LEAF, and Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid are also far lower than might be expected.

In 2017, sales through dealers were 150,000 in the USA and 280,000 in Europe. (I get these numbers by omitting the Tesla sales.) This is contrary to the belief that carmakers are only producing compliance cars. They are mostly the same carmakers in Europe as in the USA that make and sell these EVs.

Inclusiv and Clark Atlanta University announce new partnership

ATLANTA, GA (December 11, 2018) — Inclusiv and Clark Atlanta University are pleased to announce a new partnership between the Whitney M. Young Jr., School of Social Work Center for Children and Families and On the Rise Financial Center.

The Center is an Inclusiv initiative, which, in collaboration with credit union partners 1st Choice CU, BOND Community CU, Credit Union of Atlanta and Peach State FCU, promotes financial inclusion by providing Westside residents with financial education classes, one-on-one financial coaching, and access to affordable credit union accounts and loans.

Through this new partnership, On the Rise Financial Center has established an internship program for Clark Atlanta University Master of Social Work students to gain practical experience by supporting the financial coaching programs delivered by the Center. This mutually beneficial relationship not only enables MSW students to build their on-the-ground experience, but also enables On the Rise Financial Center to expand its capacity to serve unbanked and underbanked residents in the Westside community.

22 yr old female navy or army? 1st choice was Airforce but cant join cus of financial issues ?

I can get a pretty good job in Army with my score but a little afraid I will be in combat I don't really mind deployment jus not too much! I don't really kno a lot about Navy so I have ?s! How long will I be able to stay on land and how is life on a ship!