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Six financial mistakes you can't afford to make in your 60s

For some, it will be a decade of two halves – the first spent working, the latter in retirement. For others, the transition to retirement may not come until the following decade, while for others still, retirement is a gradual process, with some downsizing to a three-day week as they ease into their “third age”.

But if how and when people retire is changing, there are still many constants; and one of these is the importance of some good financial planning.

THE COLUMN: A vote of support? Manager: I'm neutral

"On behalf of the Lowell City Council, Mayor (Bill) Samaras, the Lowell School Committee and most of the people in Lowell, I would like to thank you and the board for your commitment to this project, for your patience with this project and for your enthusiasm for the Lowell High School project," Kennedy said.

Samaras is away, but said of Kennedy: "I was satisfied with him representing the council."

Here's a question: Where was the vice chairman of the City Council, Vesna Nuon? He did not return calls seeking comment.

City Councilor Rodney Elliott is also a state Senate candidate. In response to Donoghue's introduction of Kennedy, Elliott said: "I would have hoped that the manager would remain neutral. I'm going to give her the benefit of the doubt and assume she'll be introducing me in the same fashion at future events."

In response to that comment, Donoghue said, "I am 100 percent neutral, but I'll talk to the councilor."

The race also includes Terry Ryan, of Westford;

22 yr old female navy or army? 1st choice was Airforce but cant join cus of financial issues ?

I can get a pretty good job in Army with my score but a little afraid I will be in combat I don't really mind deployment jus not too much! I don't really kno a lot about Navy so I have ?s! How long will I be able to stay on land and how is life on a ship!