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GTE Financial Increases Minimum Wage to $16 an Hour

GTE Financial recently increased its starting wage to $16 an hour effective February 11. According to the Florida Department of Economic Opportunity, the current minimum wage in the state rose from $8.25 to $8.46 per hour as of January 1st. The cooperative has been offering a $15 minimum wage for over four years. 

“With unemployment at historical lows in Tampa Bay, it is becoming more competitive than ever to secure top talent. Further increasing our starting salary allows GTE to be a leader in the career market place to attract and retain top talent – and more importantly ensure a competitive living wage for our employees,” said Jasiel Legon, SVP, and Chief Talent Officer at GTE Financial. “In 2015, we became a pioneer and leader in the country to increase the minimum entry wage to $15. We are proud to continue to raise the bar in salary and total rewards.” 

As a leader among the local credit unions, this member-focused organization strives to align with the needs of the community. Nationally, the conversation of improving the minimum wage is a topic at the forefront of working-class America as the cost of living increases steadily. GTE Financial is ensuring that improving wages will also enhance the employee experience and prove to be beneficial for both the employee and company.

J.B. Hunt Transport Services, Inc. Completes Acquisition of Cory 1st Choice Home Delivery

J.B. Hunt Transport Services, Inc. (NASDAQ: JBHT), one of the largest supply chain solutions providers in North America, announced today the completion of its acquisition of Cory 1st Choice Home Delivery. The transaction, announced January 9, was closed and became effective February 15.

Corys customer-first mentality and focus on the consumer experience have made it one of the best in the furniture business, said Nick Hobbs, executive vice president and president of Dedicated Contract Services at J.B. Hunt. Those values very much align with ours, and we are proud to welcome Cory to the J.B. Hunt family.

Corys home delivery services will be integrated with J.B. Hunt Final Mile Services, a division of the companys Dedicated Contract Services business unit. Final Mile operates one of the largest nationwide, commingled cross-dock operations and has the ability to serve 100% of the contiguous United States. With the Cory acquisition, Final Mile has grown to include 100 locations and over 3.1 million square feet of warehouse and facilities space. More information, including quotes from leadership, is available in the initial purchase announcement .

22 yr old female navy or army? 1st choice was Airforce but cant join cus of financial issues ?

I can get a pretty good job in Army with my score but a little afraid I will be in combat I don't really mind deployment jus not too much! I don't really kno a lot about Navy so I have ?s! How long will I be able to stay on land and how is life on a ship!