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David Nguyen speaks to Elaine Chan about debt consolidation

CrowdOut Capital Surpasses $100 Million in Loans to Middle Market Companies to Fuel Growth

“Our platform allows individuals and institutions to invest directly into loans of middle market companies, which represent the backbone of our economy,” said Alexander Schoenbaum, CEO of CrowdOut Capital. “These one to five-year loans help take these companies to the next level. We are just beginning to hit our stride and are filling an unmet need of borrowers and investors alike. Our transactions allow companies to avoid much of the long duration and high costs of traditional credit facilities, while providing our investors an average net return of over 11 percent.”

CrowdOut funds loans as small as $3 million to companies with annual revenues between $10 - $500 million to fuel growth. Its loans have reached borrowers from a variety of market sectors. CrowdOut recently funded Schweizer RSG’s carve-out of Lockheed Martin’s S-300 and S-333 helicopter manufacturing operations. CrowdOut also provided project finance to Lloyd Electric, a disabled veteran small business, to help rebuild the power grid in Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria ravaged the island.

Amazon Prime Day Gets Off To A (Very) Bumpy Start

Well, they all can’t be home runs.

Amazon  — after weeks of hype, advertising and general excitement building around its annual shopping holiday Prime Day — found that getting out of the gate was perhaps a bit harder than it anticipated.

Shortly after 3pm EST, Amazon Prime Day’s official launch time, the Amazon main site on desktop and mobile began to experience periodic outages as customers rushed a little too en masse to fill their carts at Prime Day savings.  Downside: customers had a hard time getting to those savings.  Upside: while getting all those error messages, users did get to look at several pictures of adorable dogs.

And it seems desktop and mobile weren’t the limits of the trouble — according to, a website that tracks outages, Amazon’s Alexa, Prime Video Services, and Amazon Web Services experienced brief outages.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, Amazon suddenly had a lot of annoyed shoppers on their hand — and many of those dissatisfied took to social media to complain because that is why social media exists.

Accredited Home Lenders Contact info?

I need to find a Contact Number or Fax for, Accredited Home Lenders Inc. Can anybody help? I already tried 858-676-2100, it's disconnected. I need to get a Pay-off amount.

Thanks in advance.

The payoff contact information appears on every monthly statement sent to you.

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