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OCBC launches OneAdvisor Home, a one-stop portal for property purchases

Other types of useful information such as a step-by-step guide to financing a new home, mortgage and home content insurance will be made available, and customers can also speak to a mortgage specialist for a customised consultation, or apply for a loan.

OCBC said that future plans for the service include allowing homebuyers to submit necessary documents through the website for a secure Credit Bureau check, getting an indicative value of their properties from an accredited valuer, applying for a renovation loan, and reading past ratings and testimonials written by former clients of the service.

Phang Lah Hwa, head of consumer secured lending at OCBC Bank, said that the home loans business has largely "stayed the same", with banks fulfilling just the one aspect of providing a loan.

"We recognise that we can do much more for home buyers. This service was developed to bring together all the advice under one roof - demystifying the home buying process and making the financing journey seamless for customers," she said.

OCBC Bank to demystify home buying with OneAdvisor Home service

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Most banks have a home mortgage loan calculator that calculates how much loan a buyer can avail of using the total debt servicing ratio. OCBC says its solution not only computes the price range affordability for the buyer, but also makes clear other costs most often hidden until the buyer or investor has had a commitment to purchase. Hidden costs like down-payment, stamp duty, minimum cash payment as well as legal and agent fees.

From a press release issued by the bank, the OCBC OneAdvisor Home service is a work-in-progress effort with new features yet to be released. The bank plans to collaborate with external parties like property listings sources like through API. The bank confirms that plans are underway to allow for home buyers to get to know our Mortgage Specialists without having to first meet them face-to-face.

Arguably taking a template from popular e-commerce and travel apps, one new feature will allow home buyers to see the past ratings and testimonials given by our Mortgage Specialists’ former clients.

Accredited Home Lenders Contact info?

I need to find a Contact Number or Fax for, Accredited Home Lenders Inc. Can anybody help? I already tried 858-676-2100, it's disconnected. I need to get a Pay-off amount.

Thanks in advance.

The payoff contact information appears on every monthly statement sent to you.

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