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Abaco – 900 Shanty Town Homes Set To Be Razed


Tribune Chief Reporter

THE government is tasked with finding alternative housing for nearly 1,000 households in shanty towns across Abaco as the Shanty Town Action Task Force (SATF) recommits to the self-imposed deadline of clearing unregulated communities on that island on or before July 31,2019.

Despite the government’s charge that it will not subsidise the relocation of residents, local officials over the weekend observed the ambitious feat will require significant public investment to meet targets.

Preliminary numbers from the SATF’s Abaco census revealed there are 912 homes in the six unregulated communities surveyed, with the Mud and Pigeon Peas representing 62 percent of that figure.

How to Buy a Home in the Bahamas


If you’re looking to move to an island in the Caribbean, there is so much to think about, from the environment to the cost of living to the culture. And those are factors that can be vastly different from island to island.

But the most important thing is this: how to actually go about buying a home.

To learn more, we talked to Heather Lightbourn-Peterson, Broker/Previews Specialist at Coldwell Banker Lightbourn Realty in Nassau, Bahamas. Here’s what she had to tell us.

Why buy a home in the Bahamas? 

Besides the wonderful climate, stable government, proximity to the United States, low taxes (including no income taxes) a purchaser can obtain permanent residence with a home purchase of a minimum of $500,000. An investment of $1.5 million provides accelerated consideration for the application. A well chosen property can provide a decent rate of return in the rental market.

What’s the real estate market like right now?