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Pintard: Speaker Did Go Too Far


Tribune Staff Reporter

MINISTER of Youth, Sports and Culture Michael Pintard, one of seven parliamentarians who were absent for Wednesday’s vote of confidence in House Speaker Halson Moultrie, said yesterday Mr Moultrie “went too far” in some of his comments last week.

However, he said he would have sided with the majority had he been present for the vote.

“While I did not agree with some of what he said, I thought he went too far on several of those matters, but I would have supported his staying on given the fact that he has demonstrated he is apologetic and his comments were out of character,” the Marco City MP said.

Mr Pintard declined to discuss the matter further, saying: “I believe we should be talking about issues that directly concern my constituents. People are having challenges addressing the mortgage situation, for instance. I’m not prepared to have a whole lot of time discussing this matter.