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US Court Orders Chinese Brands Raided at SEMA to Stop Making and Importing Knock-Off Parts

Doesn’t seem to translate terribly well into Mandarin.

At the 2016 SEMA show in Las Vegas, the Guangzhou company was served with legal papers, quickly followed by a search and seizure operation which placed a temporary halt to the alleged illegal activity.

According to a press release from Omix-ADA, the companies who were found to be in violation, but agreed to abide by the terms of a settlement, were identified as Changzhou Jiulong Auto Lamps Factory and Sanmak Lighting Co. Ltd.

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Companies who had not voluntarily agreed to terms were ordered to immediately cease manufacturing, importing, and selling of all the infringing products in the United States. All marketing materials and product inventory are to be destroyed, while tooling is ordered to be surrendered immediately. The companies affected by the injunction were identified as Guangzhou Vcan Electronic Technology Co., Ltd., Shenzhen Unisun Technology Co., Ltd., and Unity 4WD Accessories Co., Ltd.

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