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First Industrial Realty Trust, Inc. (NYSE:FR)'s -20.00% Expected Growth in Focus

Investors have a wide range of tools at their disposal when undertaking stock research. Many investors will opt to use a combination of technical and fundamental analysis. Staying on top of the stock market is no easy task. Knowing what information is important and how to interpret that information can be the difference between substantial profits and big losses. Investors are commonly trying to find a way to achieve long lasting success in the stock market. Many investors will experience temporary success that may give them false confidence down the road. Digging into the details and learning as much as possible about how markets work can be a huge help to the investor. 

First Industrial Realty Trust, Inc.’s trailing 12- months EPS is 1.72.  Last year, their EPS growth was 61.40% and their EPS growth over the past five years was 42.50%.  

Let’s start off by taking a look at how the stock has been performing recently.  Over the past twelve months, First Industrial Realty Trust, Inc. (NYSE:FR)’s stock was 1.62%.  Last week, it was 2.96%, -1.42% over the last quarter, and  0.06% for the past half-year.

Nashville homebuyers are getting some relief from rising prices

"We love to walk to the farmers market, and there's so much activity downtown," Oprea said. "We're not suburb people." 

Interest rates rising 

The decelerating prices come as mortgage rates rise.

The Federal Reserve recently raised interest rates above 5 percent for the first time in seven years, and they are expected to continue to go up gradually through 2019. 

Increased rates translate to higher monthly payments, which is what first-time homebuyers often use to gauge affordability. 

On, home value appreciation declined from 14 percent last year to 9.6 percent in September. Meanwhile, housing inventory increased 25 percent in recent months. 

"I do think interest rates could be contributing to this," said Zillow economist Jeff Tucker. "Your monthly payment is going to be significantly more. This could dissuade buyers who are bumping up against high price points." 

i received a letter from worthmore realty with a job offer?

Holy smokes!!! Not sure what part of that doesn't sound like a scam. All of it!!

Please do both of us a favor. Take the letter, tear it up, and put it in the garbage bin.