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Policies to curb real estate demand are bearing fruit

China's real estate market has entered a new stage this year. In the first seven months, the authorities adopted policies to curb the unreasonable real estate demand. Till the end of July, more than 50 prefecture-and higher-level cities and 10 county level-cities had issued real estate policies to curb demand. But on the other hand, the authorities have emphasized the importance of adequate supply to stabilize the supply-demand relationship.

In May, the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development required first-and second-tier cities to devise their respective housing development plans for the 2018-22 period before the end of this year, for which they have to increase the supply of middle-and low-priced housing, and land for rental and joint-property housing.

Metropolises such as Beijing, Shanghai and Shenzhen have already issued their housing development plans.

In the meantime, a new round of institutional reform to promote innovation in the real estate market, including the establishment of a national network for real estate registration, has been propelled.

Boston Offers A Strong Real Estate Market if You Are Considering Buying for Your College-Bound Child

Parents with college-bound kids have a lot to consider when it comes to making the best investment in their child’s future, from academic programs to athletics to internships. Real estate, too, should be a key component in that calculation.

When seeking quality student housing in Boston—the city sometimes referred to as " the nation’s college capital " for its dozens of institutions of higher education—there are a few important factors to keep in mind, experts say.   

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Boston’s real estate market is experiencing its most sustained upswing in decades. Demand for housing in this mecca of the education, health care and tech industries is strong, but inventory is limited, which makes the city an exceptionally competitive seller’s market.

Over the last decade, appreciation rates in Boston have surpassed national averages, so investing in this city with its constant influx of young scholars and workers is a wise choice—but only if you have a minimum five years to let your property appreciate in value, according to experts. Shorter timeframes make renting a safer bet. 

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