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NBC News - Republican Candidates Debate @ University of S. Florida in Tampa, FL - January 23, 2012

Time: 09:00 PM (2100) EST on Monday, January 23rd, 2012 Location: University of South Florida in Tampa, Florida Broadcast: NBC News Sponsors: The ...

Andrew Gillum makes history as Democratic nominee for governor

Gillum has been touting Aug. 28, the day of the primary, as an important day in African-American history: the lynching of Emmett Till in 1955, Martin Luther King Jr. delivering his “I Have a Dream” speech in 1963, and Barack Obama accepting the Democratic presidential nomination in 2008.

As Levine thanked his supporters at his Miami headquarters for the “long journey” of his campaign, he noted the historic nature of Gillum’s victory. “Florida decided to make history tonight,” he said. “All of us can be so proud of what Mayor Gillum achieved for the state of Florida.”

One thing Gillum’s opponents haven’t made an issue during the primary, but would be sure to come up in the general election, is an ongoing FBI investigation of corruption in Tallahassee. Gillum, who hasn’t been implicated in wrongdoing, has acknowledged Republicans would try to associate him with corruption if he’s the nominee.

Graham, the second place finisher, was temperamentally a contrast with Gillum. Her supporters hoped her steady — and often unexciting — demeanor would be the ideal offering in a political era marked by trash talking on Twitter. She is a former one-term congresswoman from north Florida and the daughter of Bob Graham, a former governor and U.S. Senator.

Going Strong

Plus, the National Association of Home Builders reports that, due to tariffs on Canadian lumber and steep lumber prices, the cost of a new single-family home has risen $9,000 since January 2017. However, tariffs on aluminum and steel will affect condominium prices more than single-family homes, which are constructed mostly of wood. That cost may be passed on to buyers and renters, according to

Good Economy

"The market continues to pick up," says Matthew Maschler, a Boca Raton Realtor with Signature Paradise Florida Properties LLC who holds a Certified Residential Specialist designation. "It's a great time to make a move, for a buyer to buy and a seller to sell. The economy is getting better. We're seeing an influx of first-time home buyers. Interest rates are still good; banks are lending. People are getting back to the idea of home ownership."

He believes a rise in mortgage rates won't be reflected in housing prices any time soon.