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2014 Quicken Loans All-Star Football Challenge to feature Texas A&M's Jake ...
Quicken Loans ranked #1 in customer satisfaction among all home mortgage lenders in the United States by J.D. Power for four consecutive years in 2013, 2012, 2011 and 2010. Quicken Loans has ranked among the top-30 companies on FORTUNE 

West Bank earnings rise 9.8% despite drop in mortgage fees
West Bancorporation Inc., the parent company of West Bank, overcame a steep drop in mortgage origination fees in the fourth quarter by expanding its loan portfolio and trimming the amount of money it sets aside for bad loans. Lower is better for

BSI adding jobs in coming weeks
"We're fast approaching the 30-year mark in the mortgage industry and we've always been in Titusville, and nationwide, our employment would be about 300 people." And, Johnson-Sheely added The company is one of the few independent special servicers

FHA Has Reduced Support of Big Mortgages
During the mortgage meltdown that precipitated the 2008 financial crisis, the FHA raised its loan limits and saw participation in its program quadruple to about 15 percent of U.S. home loan origination. Unfortunately The agency hopes that by

Best Mortgage Rates In Houston 281-348-9899 Best Mortgage Rates in Houston Mike Durr explains in the video how keeping up with the Bond market is ...

Opinion Why independent mortgage banks need CFPB reg relief

Our firms recently joined up with 50 other independent mortgage bankers in a comment letter to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau asking for regulatory streamlining for smaller IMBs. Our letter asked that Section 1024(b)(b) of the Dodd-Frank Act — which requires tiered regulation of nonbanks based on size, volume, product risk, and extent of state supervision — be fully implemented with respect to these types of community-based mortgage lenders.

IMBs are supervised by every state in which they do business, as well as by the sponsors of mortgage programs they originate under, including Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac and government agencies like the Federal Housing Administration and Department of Veterans Affairs. IMBs are also redundantly regulated by the CFPB with respect to federal consumer mortgage laws.

Why is this a concern? Because the additional costs of preparing for CFPB exams (on top of state exams) and of divining CFPB rules interpretations that may differ from state regulators has a disproportionate impact on smaller IMBs. Smaller lenders don't have the compliance economies of scale that larger lenders do. The costs of redundant CFPB regulation contribute to IMB consolidation, which is bad for competition and bad for consumers.

Stearns snaps up stake in Texas-based lender

Certainty was founded in 2000 as Starkey Mortgage and launched a rebrand and name change in October 2017. Last year, Certainty originated $1.4 billion in residential loans.

“Certainty has a long track record of success and has a retail profile that is a strong complement to the existing Stearns retail platform,” said David Schneider, CEO of Stearns Lending. “We believe that combining the retail platform of Certainty with Stearns’ industry-leading technology, direct access to capital-markets expertise, and operational excellence will produce tremendous synergies that will benefit both companies. This structure leverages the experience Stearns has with its current joint-venture business model, which currently operates under 10 different brands across the country.”

“The partnership with Stearns Lending brings together like-minded companies with strong leadership teams committed to operational excellence and focused on the core value that people and relationships are powerful tools in achieving success,” Clapp said. “This partnership allows Certainty Home Loans to further accelerate our growth plans by leveraging Stearns’ best-in-class technology platform to streamline and improve interactions with partners, customers and each other while staying true to our brand promise of providing confident closings.”

Mortgage business in Texas?

I have been in the mortgage business for just about 9 months now. I just left a mortgage lender, where leads were provded for me. I am now working for a mortgage broker where I have to find my own leads.

I am a mortgage broker in Ohio. I have been generating my own leads for two years now. I am about to close on a loan for 340,000 that I self generated. All you have to do is run a small add in a small neighborhood newspaper.