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Shurwest Financial Group President Ron Shurts' Invitation to Fixed Indexed Annuity Advisors

Ron Shurts, President of Shurwest and Founding partner of the Annexus Group invites you to participate in an educational webinar about the most ...

Can American Financial Group Inc's (NYSE:AFG) ROE Continue To Surpass The Industry Average?

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While ROE is a relatively simple calculation, it can be broken down into different ratios, each telling a different story about the strengths and weaknesses of a company. American Financial Group’s ROE is impressive relative to the industry average and also covers its cost of equity. Its high ROE is not likely to be driven by high debt. Therefore, investors may have more confidence in the sustainability of this level of returns going forward. ROE is a helpful signal, but it is definitely not sufficient on its own to make an investment decision.

For American Financial Group, I’ve compiled three essential aspects you should further examine:

Financial Health : Does it have a healthy balance sheet? Take a look at our free balance sheet analysis with six simple checks on key factors like leverage and risk. Valuation : What is American Financial Group worth today?

Acquisition of Cetera being financed through $1 billion junk bond sale

According to a source close to investment bankers who did not want to be identified, the total price tag for Cetera is close to $1.7 billion. Private equity firm Genstar is kicking in $700 million of its own capital in the acquisition, according to the source. Aretec Group Inc., Cetera's parent company, will borrow the rest through the junk bond sale.

Cetera Financial Group, a network of six independent broker-dealers with about 8,000 brokers and advisers, said last month that Genstar Capital would buy a majority equity stake in the company. The deal is scheduled to close late this quarter.

Combined, the six firms produced $1.78 billion in total revenue last year, according to InvestmentNews data.

Moody's Investors Service slapped a long-term rating of B3 on the debt, which is considered junk level, citing a "high debt/EBITDA of around 7.5" times, according to a Moody's credit opinion report from last week. EBITDA stands for earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation and amortization.

Does a mortgage checking account really work? Has anyone heard of Sydney Financial Group?

A company called Sydney Financial Group has shown me that I can pay off my $110,000 mortgage in less than 6 years. They do this with a "Mortgage Checking Account" that is kind of like a home equity loan. This really sounds too good to be true.

With a normal mortgage, when you get paid, your paycheck goes into a checking/savings account and you pay your mortgage and other bills from these account. The mortgage is a fixed amount payment.