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Shurwest Financial Group President Ron Shurts' Invitation to Fixed Indexed Annuity Advisors

Ron Shurts, President of Shurwest and Founding partner of the Annexus Group invites you to participate in an educational webinar about the most ...

Equity in Focus: Sumitomo Mitsui Financial Group, Inc. (NYSE:SMFG)

Looking back at some historical performance on shares of Sumitomo Mitsui Financial Group, Inc. (NYSE:SMFG), we can see that the stock price performance for the last week is 1.96%. Tracking back further over the past month, the stock has performed 0.83%. For the last quarter, shares have performed -0.82%. Going back to the start of the calendar year, company shares are 11.67%. If we scroll back to the full year reading, shares have performed -17.20%. Investors may be trying to figure out if it is a good time to get into a certain stock, or whether to exit a position that has been a loser. Whatever the case, outperforming the market is on the minds of many dedicated equity investors.

Traders may be looking to capitalize on market trends as we move into the second part of the calendar year. Closely following the technicals might help make sense of current market conditions. Investors may choose to follow many different technical signals, or they may have picked a few popular ones to dedicate themselves to. Whatever the strategy, staying in tune with fundamentals and meaningful economic data may also prove to be highly beneficial. Coming at the equity market from multiple angles may help supply the investor with alternate perspectives that could play a vital role in the next couple of quarters.

Does a mortgage checking account really work? Has anyone heard of Sydney Financial Group?

A company called Sydney Financial Group has shown me that I can pay off my $110,000 mortgage in less than 6 years. They do this with a "Mortgage Checking Account" that is kind of like a home equity loan. This really sounds too good to be true.

With a normal mortgage, when you get paid, your paycheck goes into a checking/savings account and you pay your mortgage and other bills from these account. The mortgage is a fixed amount payment.