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Owners' dream house turns into eviction nightmare

TOWN OF NEWBURGH – Outside the garage of what once was Kevin and Camille Sherman’s dream house, a small crew of men discarded remnants of a nightmare.

Dirty and worn mattresses and box springs.

Clothing and an oven.

A red grocery basket from Hannaford.

The items came from rooms tainted with mold and fouled by the stench of dog urine.

“This is disgusting,” Kevin Sherman said. “I’ve never seen anything this disgusting in my life.”

It had taken the Shermans more than three years, pleas for help to the attorney general’s office and state police, and two court cases in the Town of Newburgh to get an eviction order for the couple and four pit bulls that occupied the house the Shermans built in 2004 on Leslie Road.

At the root of the saga is a businessman named Michael Fernandes, who the couple says promised to help them protect the property from foreclosure and generate rental income while they moved to Texas to restart their lives.

VIP Mortgage: Finding the best financial plan for your dream of home ownership

VIP Mortgage is living up to its impressive recognition as the Phoenix Business Journal's No. 1 Best Place to Work. Winning in the large company category voted on by employees, the Scottsdale-based mortgage banker is busy growing its business through recruiting efforts here in the Valley and nationwide. Since January, VIP has brought on additional branches in Central Phoenix, Tempe and Scottsdale, as well as Indiana and Hawaii.

Committed to creating an exceptional culture and business environment, the company's new corporate office is more than twice the size of its previous space and offers a modern and hip, open and collaborative setting touting fun perks such as a state-of-the-art gym, in-house masseuse, full kitchen with pool and foosball tables, multiple lounge areas, as well as free fruit with their Healthy Heart Program, which can earn employees up to $600 annually.

Launched in 2006 amidst the U.S. housing crisis, VIP built its reputation on putting people first and has steadily grown into a standard-setting, agency-direct mortgage lender, employing 450 people and funding in excess of $1.5 billion annually. As both a mortgage banker and broker, VIP offers in-house underwriting, funding and processing, and presents a fully transparent origination platform. VIP has access to a wide range of mortgage sources guaranteeing that loan officers match their borrowers with the right loan, and the best available rates, terms and costs to meet each customers' unique needs.

What would you do? Would your buy your fancy dream house and struggle to pay your mortgage,or would you fix?

Would you go for the dream house that's new and beautiful and be house poor, or would you fix up the existing home that's average fix it and make it nice and be able to live comfortably.

Hun,i'll go for the fixing thingie,why???