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The International Board of Heart Rhythm Examiners recently announced that Jim Peregoy, Principal Sales Representative with Medtronic, and Niko Temofeew, Clinical Specialist with Medtronic, have earned the Certified Cardiac Device Specialist certification. Earning certification requires passing a comprehensive examination that is based upon an internationally accepted body of knowledge for cardiac arrhythmia health care professionals.  Candidates must meet established eligibility criteria and have an excellent foundation in the field of device therapy and electrophysiology to earn certification.

Dr. Brad Miller and members of his team at Columbia Center for Dentistry donated a week of free dental services near Nueva Odisea, Baja California, Mexico. The team worked from a self-contained mobile dental unit in a community with no running water and provided cleanings, fillings and extractions. This was Dr. Miller’s 18th annual trip to this severely impoverished region.

New study: Almost half of borrowers will default on student loans in coming years

Grand Forks native and UND graduate, Alicia Kellebrew, paid her own way through college but still came out in debt. When Kellebrew graduated in 2012, she had about $20,000 in student loan debt.

“Even when you’re making a normal person income, it can get hard to pay student loans and make a car payment at the same time,” Kellebrew said. “And I’m lucky that I didn’t dig myself such a big hole.”

Kellebrew thinks that society has normalized debt, and that people are getting too comfortable taking on more debt than they can handle.

Kellebrew is also a certified financial counselor, and she said that about half of all the people she sees want to talk about their student loan debt. Kellebrew is not shocked by the studies that point to a high number of people defaulting on their student loans by 2023. She talks to a lot of people who have.

“You shouldn’t need an attorney to figure out what you need to do to pay off your student loans,” Kellebrew said.

hi friend will get home loans(mortgage) from banks with certified copy of original sale deed of my house?

With certified copy of Document, Banks will not give loan.