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Managing Headwinds Better Than Most Peers? – Blackstone Mortgage Trust, Inc. (BXMT), Spirit Realty Capital, Inc ...

Blackstone Mortgage Trust, Inc. (BXMT) Analyst Gushes

Analysts are speculating a 3.86% move, based on the high target price ($35) for the shares that is set to reach in the next 12 months. The analysts, on average, are forecasting a $33.86 price target, but the stock is already up 14.2% from its recent lows. However, the stock is trading at -2.54% versus recent highs ($34.58). Analysts believe that we could see stock price minimum in the $33 range (lowest target price), allowing for another -2.08% drop from its current position. Leading up to this report, we have seen a -0.5% fall in the stock price over the last 30 days and a 2.59% increase over the past 3 months. Overall, the share price is up 4.72% so far this year. Additionally, BXMT had a day price range of $33.52 to $34.03.

Blackstone Mortgage Trust, Inc. (BXMT) Price Potential

Heading into the stock price potential, Blackstone Mortgage Trust, Inc. needs to grow just 0.89% to cross its median price target of $34. In order to determine directional movement, the 50-day and 200-day moving averages for Blackstone Mortgage Trust, Inc. (NYSE:BXMT) are $33.56 and $32.54. Given that liquidity is king in short-term, BXMT is a stock with 119.06 million shares outstanding that normally trades 9.79% of its float. The stock price recently experienced a 5-day gain of 2% with 0.51 average true range (ATR). BXMT has a beta of 0.55 and RSI is 56.41.

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Analysts expect earnings to be released on November 8th, 2018. The report will be for the fiscal period ending September 30th, 2018.

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