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Capital First Realty

First Capital Realty opens Toronto Stock Exchange, October 29, 2010.

Chaim Katzman, Chairman, and Dori Segal, President and CEO, First Capital Realty Inc., will join Robert Fotheringham, Senior Vice President ...

Peeling Back the Layers For First Capital Realty Inc. (TSX:FCR), SAS AB (publ) (OM:SAS)

In taking a look at some key indicators for First Capital Realty Inc. (TSX:FCR), we note that the current Book to Market value for the firm is at 0.898607. The Book to Market or BTM is calculated as Market Value (or Stock Price)/Book Value. Investors often look for shares with high Book to Market value as this could indicate that the equity is priced below market value and underpriced.

A ratio of a publicly-traded company’s book value to its market value. That is, the BTM is a comparison of a company’s net asset value per share to its share price. This is a useful tool to help determine how the market prices a company relative to its actual worth. A ratio greater than one indicates an undervalued company, while a ratio less than one means a company is overvalued. Value managers seek out companies with high BTMs for their portfolios.

As we move into the second half of the year, investors may be wondering what’s in store for stocks. During the summer months, markets are typically a bit more subdued. Investors might be looking to get positioned for whatever is coming. Many feel that the bull market may be losing steam, while others believe that there is plenty of room for the market to cruise higher. Market conditions can change quickly, and being prepared for the worst may help ease the burden if the tide turns unexpectedly.

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