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Government shutdown has created backlogs in home loan applications

"If I have clients come to me and would like to utilize that program and is not available and we can't maybe fit them with another similar home type," Dix said, "it's going to delay their home search."

USDA loans are able to be applied to homes in a vast portion of the Shenandoah Valley and southwest Virginia, only excluding population centers like Harrisonburg, Staunton, and Waynesboro. Prospective home buyers can look into if homes on their list are USDA-eligible here .

Though the government is now open, problems remain. According to Whisnant, a USDA update he received stated the department is reviewing files received prior to December 21st. He's been told USDA is reassigning staff to help work through the backlog. But he suspects it'll take one to two months to work through it all.

In the meantime, home-buyers hoping to use that loan system have no choice but to wait.

The local USDA office in Lynchburg declined to comment. Information from the statewide office was not able to be delivered by the time this story was published.

BAY forecasts 10% decline in new mortgages in 2019

Brisk demand for new housing loans during the final two months last year, prompted by media reports on the central bank's implementation of the stringent measures, are another cause for this year's expected contraction in new mortgages, he said.

Condo demand from foreigners, especially Chinese buyers, has slowed over the past few years in line with economic circumstances, both globally and on the mainland.

The Chinese government's amended regulations prevent people from transferring more than US$50 billion out of the mainland, taking a toll on the Thai property market, Mr Nathapol said.

Although new mortgages are expected to contract this year, loans outstanding continue to expand because of a larger loan portfolio, he said.

BAY, the country's fifth-largest lender, targets low double-digit growth for mortgages outstanding this year, while new home loans will be flat or even down.

In 2018, the bank's outstanding mortgages surged 15.1%.

Kattiya Indaravijaya, president of Kasikornbank, said KBank's total mortgages are expected to rise 6-7% in 2019, slowing from solid growth of 11.8% last year.

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I'm under a heap of debt, is there real, legit help out there?

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