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Tampa company that bought Habitat for Humanity mortgages says it won't sell them back

Attorney John A. Anthony alluded to the confusion over the amounts owed.

"Our client (Southeast) made good faith attempts to rectify Habitats unclear accounting on the loans and is now being vilified for presenting what it believes is accurate delinquency," the letter said.

Habitat for Humanity helps low-income Americans become homeowners. They spend hundreds of hours helping build their houses in return for a deed and a zero-interest mortgage. Like most lenders, Habitat affiliates sell their mortgages to get money for more houses but the Hillsborough affiliate acknowledged it violated policy by selling the 12 mortgages to a company that is not government-regulated.

In his letter, Anthony said "nothing seemed out of place" when Habitat approached Southeast about buying the loans. Since the earning power of the homeowners "is quite limited," the letter said, the company assumed a risk in taking over the loans.

"Habitat conversely avoids risk and is able to cuts its losses and avoid the community optics associated with collecting debt from the very objects of its charitable activities," the letter said. "And to be sure, the agreement leaves no doubt but that the debt being acquired by (Southeast) is valid and enforceable.

RoundPoint Mortgage Partners with Bay Point Advisors

North Carolina-based non-bank mortgage servicing company RoundPoint Mortgage Servicing Corporation (RPMS), has been selected as a subservicing partner for  Bay Point Advisors, LLC , an Atlanta-based private lender providing small and medium-sized businesses with secured, mezzanine, bridge and DIP financing.

“We are excited to add Bay Point to our diverse subservicing investor client base and we remain committed to partnering with organizations, such as Bay Point Advisors, as they continue to expand businesses and communities,” said Allen Price, SVP and Head of Business Development for RPMS, which services loans for a variety of investment banks, PE firms, hedge funds, mortgage banks, and credit unions.

According to Charles Andros, President of Bay Point Advisors, “RoundPoint is very responsive to our needs and we are delighted by the service they provide.”

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