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Flushing Bank Provides Financing for Turtle Bay Music School New Location

Mr. Buran stated: “We are pleased that we could provide a financing solution for the Turtle Bay Music School. This institution has been providing access to music education, appreciation and performance since 1925. This new location will allow for the expansion of the private music school. The move has almost doubled the size of the school’s facilities, which allows Turtle Bay Music School to continue providing the programs previously offered, along with the addition of a new pre-school program. As a community bank, we recognize the importance of supporting local institutions that provide affordable, educational experiences that contribute to the economic and cultural development of the community.”

About Turtle Bay Music School

Turtle Bay Music School (TBMS) is a nonprofit community music school in east midtown Manhattan that serves over 5,000 New Yorkers each year through lessons, classes, and community programs. Founded in 1925, TBMS strives to share the transformative power of music with all those who seek it.

Grants to bay bills, mortgage, personal debt etc. in Wisconsin...where can I go or who can I call?

I'm under a heap of debt, is there real, legit help out there?

Ruby, you stop spending and get yourself a better paying job.

How can you possibly expect others to pay yours bills when you are unwilling to yourself?

Do you honestly think public funds should be paying MY families bills?