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Borrowing in America: Home Mortgages, Foreclosures and Predatory Lending 11-17-07

The Federalist Society's Financial Services & E-Commerce Practice Group presented this panel discussion at the 2007 Annual National ...

Benefits and more: American Legion hosts veterans seminar in Franklin Park

He encouraged veterans and their family members to check out something they’ve heard about benefits to see if they have complete information.

Also, when filing claims, “when in doubt, fill it out,” Toczek said.

Colinette Marshall, an Auxiliary Chaplain for American Legion Post 974, said she appreciates the complexity of benefits, and the clarity Toczek provides.

“I can personally vouch for how important it is for veterans who know very little about the benefits available to them,” Marshall said, adding that she also has a benefits administration background.

Toczek said this was his fifth benefits seminar at American Legion Post 974, and that he’s given more than 200 presentations over more than a decade, both within the United States and in Germany.

While the seminar topics were serious, Toczek kept an engaging atmosphere. The audience laughed along with his one-liner jokes, guessed trivia questions, and checked to see if their raffle ticket was a winner.

The next financial crisis? A look at student loan debt in America

The first example is bank teller Andrea Belger. She has an undergraduate and graduate degree, a new baby, and a tremendous amount of school debt.

“Because of how easy it was to take the loans, I just kept going, and I wasn't really educated on the depth of what would happen," Belger said.

Samantha Ealy is another example. She followed a similar path, with an undergraduate degree from Baylor in film and digital media and is also working on a master's degree in business administration from Stanford. The big difference is she attacked the debt in every way imaginable, knocking out more than $40,000 in student loan debt.

"And from there is when I realized I have to do something differently. And that's what started me on my path to getting my money together, to paying off all my debt, to working multiple jobs, sacrificing, and doing as much research into personal finance as I could," Ealy said.

Although there were different outcomes, the story of student debt is becoming more and more prevalent for those going to college, and those who will in the future.

Foreign home loans such as American home loans for Australian property?

I am currently looking for a way to refinance my Australian property with a foreign loan. As the Australian interest rates continue to rise many other countries have rates around the 5% mark.

Yes - ST George bank lends in foreign currency - only problem is that you need to earn in foreign currency - you cannot borrow if you are an Australian living and earning in this country for property located here.
Hope that helps.......