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City Of Montréal, Québec, Canada

Montréal is a lively commercial capital, with an old port and numerous architectural highlights. From a belvedere atop Mount Royal, you can see ...

Regions' explanation for tepid commercial lending: We're being careful

Regions Financial in Birmingham, Ala., is in fast-growing Southeast markets like Nashville, Tenn., Tampa, Fla., and Atlanta. But with adjusted loan growth of 1% in the second quarter and a similarly modest outlook for the rest of the year, CEO John Turner had to answer a basic question Thursday: What gives?

“We don't have to grow a lot to achieve all of our financial objectives,” the CEO of the $125 billion-asset bank said, responding to an analyst’s query at the Barclays Financial Services Conference in New York. “We know the opportunity is present, but we're not competing on rate, we're not competing on terms, and we think it's really important during this period of time to emphasize that as part of the culture that we're continuing to build and create a sound risk management.”

Regions booked about $9 billion in new commercial loans over the first half of the year but lost out on another $5.6 billion in wholesale business simply because it wasn’t willing to compromise too much on price or loan terms, Turner said.

Under the Five Flags banner, the American period needs two sets of dates | Appleyard

Meanwhile, the railroad to Alabama, completed in 1861 but destroyed as Confederate troops departed in 1862, was again operating by mid-1870. Also in that year a plant opened in Pensacola capable of producing 20,000 pounds of ice each day. New Englanders with deep-sea fishing experience now arrived, coupling the Gulf's many varieties of fish with the availability of ice and rail transportation. Another new industry was being born, carrying the Gulf catches into the American midland.

Into the 1880s the whole of Pensacola was being refashioned. However, in their haste the leaders failed to prepare for the household niceties which had become common in many areas of the country. Into the mid-1880s, the city's dwellers lacked utilities, and more. It was in 1885-86 this problem was overcome. A private water system was established. This was coupled that with city installed sewer lines. Next came telephone service and street car transport. By 1887, the first electric generating plant was being put in place.

Why can't Republicans see that the Ad about Bain Capital proved Romeny sent jobs overseas?

Meaning, I was watching the American Television and this commerical for Bain Capital came on. And it said that Romney didn't create jobs, and sent them overseas, which means by rule Republicans can now not vote for him.

All negative political attack ads are lies. Even when your favorite team airs one.