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Montréal is a lively commercial capital, with an old port and numerous architectural highlights. From a belvedere atop Mount Royal, you can see ...

Regionals won't be making any major deals. Here's why

At first blush, industry conditions appear ripe for dealmaking. Banks are flush with capital and tax savings. Regulation-lite is in vogue. Commercial lending — the lifeblood of large regionals — is in the dumps. And deposit growth is getting harder except for maybe the largest banks.

But regional bank CEOs have made clear in recent days that major acquisitions are all but off the table at the moment.

There are a number of reasons why — the most immediate being the recent slump in bank stocks, which has made buying back shares an attractive option for deploying capital. Since the beginning of the year, the KBW Nasdaq Bank Index has declined 7%, while shares of large regionals such as KeyCorp (down 12%) and Citizens Financial Group (down 17%) have slid more.

Perhaps more importantly, though, banks are focused on safer deals for specialty services and on making big investments in technology . During the third quarter, banks have reported large step-ups in their digital investments compared with a year earlier, and CEOs have defended their spending on better mobile apps, online lending platforms and back-end systems as high priority.

Fairway America Expands into CRE Debt Financing with Launch of Fairway America Commercial Finance

Matt Burk, CEO of Fairway America says, “We will have significant synergies between Fairway and FACF from the beginning, by lending many of our strengths and resources to this new enterprise. Specifically, Fairway is proficient at due diligence, leads the industry by operating from our company’s Core Values, and maintains enriching and valuable relationships with our large and growing database of sponsors. With the creation of FACF, Fairway provides sponsors with fund creation, fund advising, fund accounting and administration, investor relations, investor management technology, capital raising, exclusive access to investors through our annual SBRE Investor Summit, and now debt financing. We are focused on growing the SBRE community and providing our services to emerging and tenured sponsors alike, effectively taking them to the next level in their deal making capabilities. We expect FACF will grow rapidly as it implements the growth techniques that have proven successful in other areas of our business.”

Why can't Republicans see that the Ad about Bain Capital proved Romeny sent jobs overseas?

Meaning, I was watching the American Television and this commerical for Bain Capital came on. And it said that Romney didn't create jobs, and sent them overseas, which means by rule Republicans can now not vote for him.

All negative political attack ads are lies. Even when your favorite team airs one.