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Ben Bernanke the liar lying about audit fed PBS July 2009 question about Small Business Here is part of the interview by Jim Lehrer, with the snake in the grass, Ben Bernanke. He is trying to convince the world, that the ...

Bloomberg: Tech-Giant Cisco Caught Discriminating Against American College-Grads

The population of foreign college-graduate visa-workers adds up to roughly 1.5 million — each of whom is holding a job that would otherwise have gone to the roughly 800,000 young men and women who graduate each year with skilled college-degrees in business, healthcare, science, software, math or design.

Yoder’s legislation will also allow Americans and Indian companies to annually award up to 140,000 fast-track green cards to Indian workers if they take Americans’ jobs at low wages by using H-1B or L-1 visas.

GOP leaders — including President Donald Trump — will decide in the next few months of Yoder’s pro-outsourcing measure becomes law.

Like many other Internet companies, Cisco employs many cheap-labor visa-workers. In 2017, for example, the company asked for 713 three-year visas to hire foreign college graduates from overseas. Roughly one-third of those applications were approved via a lottery.

Can someone translate this from American English into English please?

I work for an american company who are really big on "self audits", "tracking tools", "metrics" etc. ( now there's a surprise eh).

Jargon alert! There is so much techno-babble and pointless jargon in that question as to render it entirely meaningless.