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Should mortgage lenders begin implementing voice automation technology?

Be done on them.” [Emphasis hers.]

Also, at this point there are still many actions Alexa is unable to perform. “Alexa is not as smart as we think she is,” Geyer said.

But does that mean that lenders should not begin looking into voice interface technology? Only if they want to get left behind. But while they do need to begin looking into using voice interface, they still have time to consider their options, and can start slow as voice technology continues to improve.

“Companies don’t know if it’s too early to be investing in this, but right now they should be at least exploring how voice interface could compliment their digital experience,” Geyer said. “See if there is a natural fit for voice interface to solve problems. If there is a natural fit then that’s where voice interface should be.”

Many lenders are still struggling to implement the digital mortgage, and now they must begin looking at including voice interface.

Chicago Cheat Sheet: Zell says Amazon HQ2 should skip Chicago … & more

Zell to Amazon: Chicago “the last place” for HQ2

Sam Zell said despite all Chicago has to offer, Amazon should look elsewhere for its second North American headquarters. At an investors conference last week, Zell said Illinois’ and Chicago’s troubles revolve around their depressed finances, including their multibillion-dollar unfunded pension liabilities. “On a pure competitive basis, Chicago is far and away the No. 1 place that Amazon should pick for their second headquarters — major international airport, major universities, talent, etc. — and yet if I were Amazon, that’d be the last place I’d consider because you’re taking on, excuse the expression, pre-existing conditions,” Zell said. [Crain’s]

City Council to vote on Union Station redevelopment

The City Council is scheduled to vote Wednesday on a proposal that includes a 50-story office building on land south of Union Station. The project also includes the renovation of a number of floors in the main building and a ninth-story addition of two hotels with a total of 400 rooms. Construction on the $900 million project is expected to begin in 2019 and last three years. [Chicago Tribune]

I'm a college student living in a dorm and I want to sign up for the Amazon Rewards Visa?

The Visa asks me of my mortgage and residential information. Now does that apply towards where I am residing right now? Or does that refer to my parents' house?

It makes no difference since I suspect you do not pay the mortgage at your parent's house. Your status would be "live with parents" or maybe dorm living could be considered "renting". Neither has anything to do with mortgages.