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Women currently control over one-half of the wealth in the U.S., according to the CFA Institute. This is expected to grow to two-thirds by the year 2020. Some of the reasons for this increase are that women are inheriting wealth, more women are entering the workforce and, finally, that women have greater longevity than men. It is estimated that 95% of women will be the financial decision maker at some point in their lives; therefore, it is important for women to realize that knowledge equals power.

In 1973, 45% of women were in the workforce. As of 2013, that percentage had increased to 57%. Approximately 53% of women are the breadwinners in their family, and the average age of women becoming widows is 56 (surprising, isn’t it?). In addition, with the divorce rate in the U.S. about 50%, more women are responsible for their financial futures.

Women who work outside the home miss an average of 11.5 years in the workforce. This is typically due to family leave to take care of children, parents, in-laws and/or husbands. This not only impacts their annual income and lifetime earnings, but also their eligibility for employers’ defined-benefit pension plans, and participation in defined-contribution plans. About 80% of women have no pension benefits, lower Social Security benefits, and smaller balances in their employers’ defined-contribution plans. These facts emphasize the importance of women learning how to control their financial lives.

Will all mortgage lenders need 2 years of work history?

A lender who, at the beginning of the process, told us that our one year work history would be enough, is now telling us that he needs documentation for the last two years.

You do not need pay stubs, your income tax return that you submitted to the IRS will suffice.