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Apartment mortgages hot in South Florida
Miami-based Ocean Bank led all local banks with $78 million in South Florida multi-family mortgages in 2012, up from $3.2 million the year before. Executive VP and Chief Credit Officer Sam Monti said multi-family loans were among the least hurt by the 

7 Florida residents charged in connection to North Carolina mortgage fraud ...
7 Florida residents charged in connection to North Carolina mortgage fraud ... All of the others were released on bond. Olivier is a Land O'Lakes engineer who moved to North Carolina to manage the development. The federal indictment accuses Olivier and Davis of recruiting straw buyers to submit false loan applications to buy lots

Bob and Maureen McDonnell, businessman bonded over financial needs ...
The investment properties required $60,000 a year in mortgage payments, but the rental income fell short, forcing the family to make up the difference with loans from relatives and friends. In public, McDonnell was cheered by the nation's GOP elite as

A housing relief program with policies that 'throw people into the grinder'
A housing relief program with policies that 'throw people into the grinder' In Florida the idea behind the two core Hardest-Hit programs was to keep homeowners in their homes by intervening with their banks. If banks participated in Hardest Hit, the program would pay them $18,000 for the homeowner's mortgage arrears and up to 

Florida Mortgage Fraud

2004 mortgage professional Bill Trudelle approached Florida Attorney Charlie Christ at a Florida Mortgage Broker meeting revealing his knowledge ...

July Kudos: Celebrating milestones, launches and awards in the mortgage industry

With the addition of closing services, The Trelix Platform will help clients streamline the start-to-finish closing experience from disclosure and document preparation to compliance review and closing coordination, the company said.

It also aims at eliminating timing uncertainties by communicating regularly between originators, borrowers and Realtors, the company said in a press release.

Ellie Mae has added applications to its Encompass NG Lending platform, and lenders are already harnessing its powers, according to the company.

The Encompass NG Lending Platform looks to deliver innovative capabilities to help lenders and partners accelerate time to market, improve efficiency, loan quality and compliance, the company said.

Ellie Mae’s new suite of applications are now available to all lenders leveraging the platform. The applications, Encompass Data Connect and Encompass Investor Connect, follow four suite applications the company launched in 2017.

Where this Florida senator lives is a mystery. And it also might be illegal.

It's just after 9 a.m. on a Tuesday morning, and someone wearing a red polo shirt embroidered with the words "Senator Daphne Campbell" answers the doorbell at a pink house in North Miami Beach.

She cracks open the door, spies a reporter and slams it shut without saying a word.

Campbell, longtime owner of a five-bedroom, three-and-a-half bathroom home inconveniently located outside the community she's represented as a member of the Florida House and Senate, has been difficult to find at home over the last 30 months. More accurately, her home has been difficult to find.

That's until late June, when she switched her voter registration to this small, pink house in North Miami Beach. It's one of at least four addresses she's listed over the last six years after a statewide redrawing of House districts placed her own home outside the boundaries and forced her into a series of temporary residences.

How can I get a mortgage in Florida with all this stuff happening?

I am 25 years old. My FICO score averages 425. I have 2 judgements on my credit. I make $139,000 and the home I want to purchase is in the 500,000 - 575,000 price range. I have $50,000 to put down. Any suggestions on what to do?

Don't get a mortgage until your FICO is in the 650 range.

The low FICO makes you vulnerable to every bit of trouble in the mortgage industry.