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Prince AJ Global- Son of a King - 2012 Official Promo Video

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Terry Smith launches global smaller companies trust

However, unlike FEET or his flagship Fundsmith Equity fund, Smithson will not be directly managed by Smith. Day-to-day management of the portfolio will fall to Simon Barnard and Will Morgan, two smaller company analysts who joined Fundsmith from Goldman Sachs last year. 

Smith, who will invest £25 million in the trust, will oversee their work as chief investment officer.

The announcement follows signs of Smith’s growing interest  in smaller and medium-sized companies, which he says offer better growth prospects and can help diversify risk in portfolios.

At the annual general meeting of Fundsmith Equity this year the manager said he wanted to do more in this area but that the £16 billion open-ended fund was too large to invest efficiently in this space.

Smithson will focus on the active selection of small and medium-sized companies from around the world valued between £500 million and £15 billion. Its research shows that companies in the MSCI World SMID Cap index have grown at a average annual rate of 9.3% in the past 20 years, compared to a 6.2% annual return from companies in the MSCI World Large Cap index.

Global Brass and Copper (BRSS) Given Media Impact Rating of 0.22

Global Brass and Copper Holdings, Inc. converts, fabricates, processes, and distributes specialized non-ferrous products in the United States, the Asia Pacific, and Mexico. The company operates in three segments: Olin Brass, Chase Brass, and A.J. Oster. The Olin Brass segment manufactures, fabricates, and converts specialized copper and brass sheets, strips, foils, tubes, and fabricated products; and rerolls and forms other alloys, such as stainless steel, carbon steel, and aluminum. Its products are used in the building and housing, automotive, electronics/electrical components, munitions, and coinage markets. The Chase Brass segment manufactures and supplies brass rods in round, hexagonal, and other shapes for use in the building and housing, transportation, electronics/electrical components, and industrial machinery and equipment markets. The A.J. Oster segment processes and distributes primarily

Did you think TNA made a good idea or bad idea by crowning AJ Styles the new Global Champion?

I think it was a great idea. I love seeing wrestlers at a main event status winning a mid-card championship. I don't like how WWE uses the IC Title and the US Title as a prop for rising stars in the WWE.

I agree with you. I'm also a fan of main eventers winning secondary singles titles, because that main eventer can give the rub to the guys in that secondary title division, wrestlers at a lower level than then.