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Andrew Lloyd: The future of buying mortgages on apps

“It changes the way we think about things. Not everyone is ready for that. Predicting something will happen and waiting for it to happen are two different things though.”

He thought that property reports will migrate into property data analysis that will be provided almost instantly.

Lloyd said: “Looking at a house on your phone, you’ll be able to see all the information allowing your buying adviser to give you a decision on the risk quickly.”

The firm works with technology specialists and Lloyd reports the two biggest opportunities at the moment are in AI and machine learning.

Search Acumen has been supplying data for a city firm who have been teaching AI to read property leases.

The data comes from Land Registry and trainee lawyers normally read through loads of it, getting bored and tired.

Lloyd added: “The more AI reads, the better it gets. Within 12 months it would have read more than the most experienced law professional.

Conveyancing market bounces back in Q1 after poor 2017

The average firm processed 64 transactions in Q1, up more than 8% from the 59 in Q1 2017. This resulted in the busiest quarter for conveyancing firms since Q3 2016.

Those firms that only transact between five and 10 cases a month have continued to decline, with their business down 10% since 2014. However those firms that transact between 200 and 500 cases have seen business increase by 50% over the last four years.

Andrew Lloyd, managing director of Search Acumen, said: “It’s great to see that despite a reportedly stagnant housing market and headlines predicting a housing bust, conveyancers have bounced back from a disappointing end to 2017.

“The story of 2017 for the conveyancing market was the continued rise of the challengers – those firms operating just below the biggest conveyancers – and that seems to have continued into 2018.

“It is perhaps the fact that smaller firms can be more nimble to market movements and more quickly embrace technology that has allowed them to take advantage of increasing transactions.

Is there anything wrong with my resume because I am not getting any callbacks in Michigan?

BBA, Management Candidate eager to contribute academic background as well as broad-range business background toward supporting the employer in maximizing performance as a key staff member.

As someone who has waded through piles of resumes...

You must remember that you have less than 2 seconds (really) to make enough of an impression to be READ.