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It's Time to Help Nonprofits Get Physical

When writer Jane Hodges first laid eyes on an abandoned elementary school in Mineral, Washington — a rural, former logging town 20 miles from Mount Rainier — she didn’t see the shadow of something past. She saw the bright future of a home for her dream nonprofit.

With inheritance income, Hodges purchased the building in 2013 for a reasonable $171,000. And since nonprofits don’t technically have owners, she had to do some legal craftwork to lease the building to the arts organization she was founding, now called Mineral School.

For many nonprofits, the first concern is bringing their mission to life and the second is figuring out a physical space to house the organization. However, Hodges’ research led her to believe that owning a space for her nonprofit would be key to its success. “I knew I would start with the building and then find the people who would want to do this with me,” she says.

And Hodges’ instincts were spot on.

InterLinc Mortgage Services names COO amid growth plan

Thompson has served as president of the company since 2010. He first joined InterLinc in 2007, previously serving as executive vice president. He has served 20 years in the mortgage lending industry.

InterLinc CEO James VanSteenhouse said the promotion allows Thompson opportunities to apply his strategic acumen and his operational skills to help the company meet its goals for growth.

Thompson said the promotion acknowledges his role in overseeing the company’s central operations and branch network. “I’m honored by the trust James VanSteenhouse has always placed in me, and I will continue my focus on growth and maximum profitability without ever sacrificing customer service,” he said.

“Gene’s decades of experience in the mortgage banking industry, combined with his dynamic approach to sales and operations, has brought InterLinc unprecedented growth opportunities,” VanSteenhouse said. “The long-lasting relationships that he’s built with builders and realtors have enabled InterLinc to become a powerhouse in the mortgage industry.”

Is there anything wrong with my resume because I am not getting any callbacks in Michigan?

BBA, Management Candidate eager to contribute academic background as well as broad-range business background toward supporting the employer in maximizing performance as a key staff member.

As someone who has waded through piles of resumes...

You must remember that you have less than 2 seconds (really) to make enough of an impression to be READ.