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In this three part segment host Mike Colosimo speaks with mortgage consultant Al Coleman about recent mortgage options. Family attorneys Susan ...

Arcade fame turns to infamy as Billy Mitchell's record-setting Donkey Kong score is invalidated

Arbiter of arcade world records. What’s more, Billy Mitchell, the occasionally controversial player who set it and other record breaking scores, has been permanently banned from consideration for future records.

It’s a huge upset that calls into question decades of history. Will other similarly disputed scores get the ax? Are any old-school arcade legends safe?

Before anything, it should be noted that although this sounds like kind of a random niche issue, the classic gaming scene is huge: millions follow it closely and take it very seriously. Breaking a high score on a 30-year-old game or shaving a quarter of a second off a hotly contested time can and will be celebrated as if the player has won an Olympic medal. One can never underestimate the size or sincerity of online communities. Cheating is, of course, not tolerated.

With that said, it’s worth considering that Billy Mitchell’s case is unique.

Is there anything wrong with my resume because I am not getting any callbacks in Michigan?

BBA, Management Candidate eager to contribute academic background as well as broad-range business background toward supporting the employer in maximizing performance as a key staff member.

As someone who has waded through piles of resumes...

You must remember that you have less than 2 seconds (really) to make enough of an impression to be READ.