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Affordable rental housing units built in Stittsville since 1999: Zero.

, By the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now, or ACORN. The report said the pace of new construction for affordable rental units across the city has slowed, even as rents increased by nearly a third in the past decade and vacancy rates tightened to their lowest point since 2011.

The definition of affordable housing varies by jurisdiction, but it broadly means housing which costs at or below 30 per cent of a household’s before-tax income.

A social worker at the Western Ottawa Community Resource Centre, which often assists residents with housing struggles, said she was not surprised to hear of the low pace of construction in the area.

“This is an issue that we have been concerned about for a long time,” said Martine Dore, senior manager of counselling and violence against women services at the WOCRC. “We are seeing clients who are spending 80 to 90 per cent of their income on housing… it doesn’t leave money for anything else.

EXCLUSIVE: Mayor-elect John Tory On Toronto's Long Road To Affordable Housing

“I am heartened at the same time by the fact that I had a number of people in my office in the last six months saying that the interest on the part of the (housing) industry, and the pension funds people, and people building purpose-built rental, is very high because they see it as a source of solid return.”

“I think what we now have to do is match up that interest on the part of developer and financiers with a speeded-up approval process, and then with us adding to the mix some incentives like putting up public land or deferred development charges, or some of the things we can do with taxation, to make a significant number of these apartments affordable,” he said.

Tory and many others talk about affordable housing but what is considered affordable?

At the moment Toronto defines “affordable” units as those at or below average market rent.

“Right now, it is a number set by CMHC (Canada Mortgage and Housing Corp.) … but the problem with that is the market rent has risen, incomes really haven’t,” he said, adding the federal formula may well be outdated.

Obama Gives New Grant to ACORN; Did He Violate Federal Law?

Why is President Obama apparently defying federal law by funding ACORN?

Judicial Watch discovered that the Obama administration is flouting the will of Congress by giving federal taxpayer money to ACORN.


Your question should read: "Did he violate ANOTHER federal law?", and the answer is a resounding YES!

He has broken several, and thinks that he does not have to follow the law.