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Bankruptcy May Not Be Best Option for Unsecured Mortgage Lenders
After the real estate crisis, with the steep decline in property values and an oversupply of properties, many lenders have begun to entertain short sales — sales to which the lender consents even though its debt will not be paid in full. However, some

The Tale of the $8 Million 'Bargain' House in Greenwich
But it ended up in the hands of his neighbor, Richard A. Baker, the chief executive of the firm that owns Lord & Taylor and Saks, who snapped it up for $8 million after Mr. Fuscone had to declare bankruptcy in 2010. In the competitive insulated world

Ally CEO Sees IPO Road Show in the First Half of This Year (1)
Ally Financial Inc., the auto lender bailed out by the U.S. government, may start a road show for an initial public offering as soon as this quarter as the U.S. Treasury looks to shed its ownership, according to its chief executive officer. The

The Gadfly of Greenwich Real Estate
Mr. Fountain includes in his gallery plenty of lesser-known people pushed into bankruptcy after overreaching, borrowing millions to build 15,000-square-foot houses that no one wanted to buy. Mr. Fountain's contention that the legal and financial

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Buying a home after bankruptcy

Johnson went to the mortgage lender after his bankruptcy, who took into account his complete financial situation—his finances, credit history, credit score, his employment, down payment, and any extenuating circumstances. He was able to qualify for an FHA loan.

“It is exciting to know that we can now help borrowers who, until just recently, were locked out of purchasing a home or refinance an existing home loan,” said Felicia Wellborn, a senior loan originator for over 25 years.

Once his debts were discharged in bankruptcy, Johnson was on the road to credit recovery. He followed a four-step plan.

Step one: He reorganized his finances by studying his credit report and put a budget together. He rebuilt his credit by using a credit card—which he paid off each month—to pay his monthly bills.

Step two: He opened a savings account and scheduled an automatic deduction from his paycheck that went directly into this savings account. This was for an eventual down payment.

Finding a mortgage lender after bankruptcy?

Hi Everyone, my husband and I went through a ch 7 bankruptcy that has been discharged for a year now. We'd like to buy a home in the next 6-9 months and I am currently trying to educate myself on how to do it.

Go to and on the right hand side is a link for ChurchHill Mortgage company. They have lenders that have home loans that are really even based on your credit score.