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Bankruptcy May Not Be Best Option for Unsecured Mortgage Lenders
After the real estate crisis, with the steep decline in property values and an oversupply of properties, many lenders have begun to entertain short sales — sales to which the lender consents even though its debt will not be paid in full. However, some

The Tale of the $8 Million 'Bargain' House in Greenwich
But it ended up in the hands of his neighbor, Richard A. Baker, the chief executive of the firm that owns Lord & Taylor and Saks, who snapped it up for $8 million after Mr. Fuscone had to declare bankruptcy in 2010. In the competitive insulated world

Ally CEO Sees IPO Road Show in the First Half of This Year (1)
Ally Financial Inc., the auto lender bailed out by the U.S. government, may start a road show for an initial public offering as soon as this quarter as the U.S. Treasury looks to shed its ownership, according to its chief executive officer. The

The Gadfly of Greenwich Real Estate
Mr. Fountain includes in his gallery plenty of lesser-known people pushed into bankruptcy after overreaching, borrowing millions to build 15,000-square-foot houses that no one wanted to buy. Mr. Fountain's contention that the legal and financial

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Ditech Mortgage considering a sale four months after exiting bankruptcy

Ditech is not discussing or disclosing any developments with respect to this process until it enters into a definitive sale or merger agreement or it has otherwise determined that further disclosure is appropriate or required by law.

No timetable has been established for the completion of the strategic review, the company said.

"Having completed our financial restructuring and as we focus on optimizing our business, our board believes that now is the right time to review the company's strategic alternatives to assess how best to drive value for our stockholders," Tom Marano, Ditech's CEO, president and chairman said in the press release. "We will undertake a comprehensive and thorough review with the assistance of our advisors. During this review, the entire Ditech Holding team will remain focused on advancing our mission of serving our customers throughout the homeownership journey and creating value for our stockholders."

The announcement, made after the stock market closed on June 27, had little impact on Ditech's stock price, although trading volume was higher than normal.

Federal grand jury indicts Elk Grove woman on 18 counts related to bankruptcy scheme

Federal authorities are looking for a former Elk Grove resident who was indicted by a federal grand jury Friday on 18 counts related to 500 fraudulent bankruptcy petitions, the U.S. Department of Justice said.

Arlina Alexander-Zaplutus, 50, is charged with making false statements and filing false documents in multiple bankruptcy cases, according to a news release from the office of McGregor W. Scott, the U.S. Attorney of the Eastern District U.S. Circuit Court.

The indictment also alleges that Alexander-Zaplutus filed bankruptcy petitions with the intent to obstruct the investigation and proper administration of bankruptcy cases, the release said.

According to court documents, Alexander-Zaplutus allegedly filed and caused the filing of multiple bankruptcy petitions in the U.S. Bankruptcy Court for the Eastern District of California that contained false information, according to the release. The false information included purported debtors’ names, addresses and Social Security numbers, the DOJ said.

Finding a mortgage lender after bankruptcy?

Hi Everyone, my husband and I went through a ch 7 bankruptcy that has been discharged for a year now. We'd like to buy a home in the next 6-9 months and I am currently trying to educate myself on how to do it.

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