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Alan Grayson and Industry Representatives on Insurance and Systemic Risk

Rep. Alan Grayson asks a variety of industry representatives on 6/16/09 about systemic risk as it pertains to the insurance industry. This is a ...

First American Financial Corp. Leaked Hundreds of Millions of Title Insurance Records

Santa Ana, Calif.-based First American is a leading provider of title insurance and settlement services to the real estate and mortgage industries. It employs some 18,000 people and brought in more than $5.7 billion in 2018 .

Earlier this week, KrebsOnSecurity was contacted by a real estate developer in Washington state who said he’d had little luck getting a response from the company about what he found, which was that a portion of its Web site ( was leaking tens if not hundreds of millions of records. He said anyone who knew the URL for a valid document at the Web site could view other documents just by modifying a single digit in the link.

And this would potentially include anyone who’s ever been sent a document link via email by First American.

KrebsOnSecurity confirmed the real estate developer’s findings, which indicate that First American’s Web site exposed approximately 885 million files, the earliest dating back more than 16 years. No authentication was required to read the documents.

Is BOA committing insurance fraud?? House damaged, I fixed it, they have the $.?

I am more than ticked off here, so any advice you can give me is welcome.

My house partially flooded. Insurance company issued a check payable to my husband and I, and Bank of America.

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