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JPM Selling all its Mortgage Biz down to 0... Software Executives now driving up the prices of food.

Opinion: Finally, a simple solution to confusing health-care prices

 Warren Buffett said in January they’re attempting to lower their employees’ health-care costs with a yet-to-be-announced initiative.

The reality is that the actual price a hospital charges — called gross charges — bears little relation to the actual reimbursement for the delivery of care because insurance and government programs create wide variations. The general public is unaware of the fact that most contracts with the government or commercial carriers only pay a fraction of the gross charges presented on their health-care bill. As a result, many in the industry believe that posting prices online would likely only heighten consumer confusion.

Now, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) wants to accelerate health systems’ attention to transparency, requiring hospitals to post prices online in machine-readable format so computers can read that data and consumers can shop online for health care to make better-informed decisions. While previous efforts at transparency have failed, taken at face value this latest push appears easy for providers to meet.

Obama Unveils New J.P. Morgan, Wells Fargo Bailout Plan, Disguised as Mortgage Relief?

Under guise of helping homeowners, president Obama has finalized his plan to further aid banks. Please consider Obama's alleged Mortgage Relief Plan.