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Maxing out a 401(k) is surprisingly rare — but may be easier than you think

Andy Hill, the 37-year-old blogger and podcaster behind “ Marriage, Kids and Money ,” went from sorely lacking in retirement savings — to maxing out his 401(k) plan the last six years.

The father of two, who is also a sales director for a marketing company in Michigan, said he’s been amazed by the power of automation, and has already saved more than $130,000. Aside from “setting it and forgetting it,” Hill said he researched low-cost index funds and rode the stock market as it climbed upward. “When you’re in your 30s, it is tough to think of what retirement might look like in your 60s, but what gets us both excited is how compound interest can make a big leap,” he said.

Hill and his wife, Nicole, also paid off their mortgage in four years , and already max out their Roth individual retirement accounts.

QuadrigaCX CEO Widow Sells Estate Assets, Reportedly Places Others in Trust

Jennifer Robertson, the widow of the late QuadrigaCX exchange CEO, appears to be liquidating and shuffling some estate assets.

When QuadrigaCX founder and CEO Gerald Cotten passed away suddenly in December of 2018 in India, he was allegedly the only person with the knowledge of the exchange’s cold storage keys. In his will, Cotten names Robertson executrix of his estate, as well as endowing her as its primary beneficiary. The exchange waited roughly a month from Cotten’s reported time of death to making his passing public, enough time for his widow to go through probate and transfer the estate’s assets to her name.

Cotten’s will itemizes a host of high-end assets that are now under Robertson’s control. The CEO left his wife his Jeanneau 51 sailboat; an airplane, a Lexus and a Mini Cooper (among other unnamed motor vehicles); and properties at 1021 Lamont Lane, Kelowna, British Columbia, 71 Kinross Court in Nova Scotia, 511 and 512 Ringling Court in Nova Scotia and 34 Little Island and Seaview Drive in Nova Scotia to his widow. He also left $100,000 for the continued care of his two chihuahuas, Gully and Nitro.

Fidelity Mortgage sells a mortgage on Doug's home to enterprise Bank.Enterprise eroneously pays real estate ta

xes on the home. When Enterprise demands reimbursement, Doug refuses, arguing that no contract exists that obligates him to reimburse the bank. What legal theory might Enterprise use to get its money from Doug?

Doug was unfairly enriched.

If Doug accidentally paid the taxes direct when his mtg company paid them, would he expect his money back from the county?

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