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French Overseas territories - East Africa / Banc du Geyser

Banc du Geysir / Banc du Geyser is a mostly submerged reef in the Mozambique Channel's northeastern part, 125 km (78 mi) northeast from ...

WaPo, 11 Other US Media, Internet Companies Hired Russian IT Firm

Politico Magazine’s  April/May 2018 issue, for example, produced a graphic depicting the alleged web of ties between Trump and Russia, asking “What is the real story of Donald Trump and Russia?” The news magazine said, “there’s no doubt that a spider web of connections—some public, some private, some clear, some murky—exists between Trump, his associates and Russian President Vladimir Putin.”

American media and Internet companies constitute EastBanc’s single largest client sector, comprising 12 out of 54 listed customers. About a quarter of its clients listed on its American website  are media and Internet companies.

J. Michael Waller, who is on the editorial board of NATO’s Defense Strategy Communications Journal, which examines Russia’s use of media and the Internet, told TheDCNF the ability to enter the back end of media companies could provide a treasure trove of sensitive and even classified information to the Russians.

LAFC and DC United Battle for a Point in Match Mired with Controversy

Minute when D.C. United’s Darren Mattocks received a header in the box and directed it with ease past LAFC keeper Tyler Miller.

The referee motioned for an extra 7 minutes of stoppage time due to the many injuries and game delays. Both teams tried earnestly to squeak out the win, with both sides seeing multiple chances glance just out of reach as the clock ran out.

Saturdays match was a controversial one, and not just because of the red card shown to Dejan Jakovic. It was a choppy match, marred the ambiguous implementation of the VAR system, which many believe to ruin the purity of the sport, including LAFC coach Bob Bradley.

“The second half becomes so confusing between what gets looked at again, what doesn’t—for me it just drives me crazy and ruins the game. You know some calls in football(soccer) are 60/40, that’s just the way football works…and then we guess, we make a choice…in the old days you make a pick and then the game goes on. Now you make a pick and [the referee] says no let me look again, this time 61/39 now I change my mind, this is just turning everything…it just ruins the game, it kills the flow nobody knows what gets looked at again, what doesn’t.”

UCBH failed, now what?

UCBH failed, was sold to East West Banc Corp, now what? EWBC shares rose mightily on news of acquisition. Will UCBH shareholders be bought out & get shares of EWBC instead? If no, why not? What are tax implications for stockholders?

Not likely...just scanning the available public information, the common stockholders of UCNH have been wiped out.

I suspect that you will get something in writing from the registrar of the shares.