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DCA annual meeting highlights progress

Another significant achievement in 2015 was the sale of DCA’s industrial building along Interstate 90. Reichel Foods acquired the 54,200-square-foot facility to use as a distribution center, resulting in 14 jobs to the Dexter area. DCA also expanded services to small businesses through the Small Business Development Center and made upgrades to the organization’s Web site.

Three new members were elected to DCA’s Board of Directors including Doug Nuckolls, president of First Farmers and Merchants Bank, Chris Holt, president and CEO at Cooperative Response Center and Scott Fox, owner of Fox Electric.

Rossate provided an overview of Minnesota’s healthy economy. Nonfarm employment was 2.87 million in December 2015, up from 2.83 million the prior year. Minnesota’s unemployment rate, 3.7 percent in April, remains lower than U.S. unemployment at 5.0 percent. The state’s strongest sectors include healthcare, technology and manufacturing.

Job growth has been 1.5 percent over the last four quarters. However, available talent, at all levels, remains a challenge, especially in rural areas. Minnesota has had 98,000 open positions, seemingly unchanged, the past six months.

Ryan: Congress will challenge overtime rule change

WAUKESHA - Since the Department of Labor altered the rules governing overtime pay, House Speaker Paul Ryan said, Congress has been weighing its options on how to best challenge the change, which he considers essentially an unconstitutional law.

"There are a couple of options we are weighing. We are going to be responding legislatively for sure," Ryan said during a phone interview with The Freeman on Thursday afternoon.

"This is for all intents and purposes a law. It changes our overtime laws and rules; however, it never went through Congress. Not a single member of Congress had a vote on this. This is a law written by unelected bureaucrats who weren't elected to anything. It's a law that changes how virtually all businesses operate."

In mid-May, the Department of Labor altered the Fair Labor Standards Act so that people who earn $47,476 or less per year must be paid one-and-a-half times their regular rate when they work more than 40 hours in a week. Currently, the act states that salaried workers making less than $23,660 per year must be paid that additional amount when they go beyond 40 hours of work in a week. The change is set to take effect Dec. 1.

Is this a scam?

My husband recieved a check in the mail from a financial management firm in Canada, along with a letter explaining he won a cruise and $33,000. He was supposed to cash the first check, for $2999.

don't give anyone your info, don't wire anyone money. as long as you don't do anything like that, you'll be fine. This does sound like one of those scans where they send you a check and then have you wire them money. So be careful of that.