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Put the panic on hold: bricks and mortar can bounce more than investors think

 “Before the referendum, London was cited as the market that had the most to lose out on from an exit vote,” explains Zachary Gauge, European real-estate analyst at UBS, pointing to the impact of a potential change in passporting rights for financial institutions as something that could hit the City particularly hard.

“But, although it’s early days, we’ve almost seen the flipside to that as [the property market] has retained its attractiveness to international capital.”

International investors, who in the early days after the vote were spooked by the political and economic uncertainty in the UK, are now sniffing around UK assets hoping the fluctuation in currency prices could work to their advantage.

US bank Wells Fargo last month agreed a deal to buy new headquarters in the City, in what was one of the biggest deals for a single office building this year – and although the bank has not commented on whether a more favourable exchange rate swayed its decision, it has benefited from it.

Is this a scam?

My husband recieved a check in the mail from a financial management firm in Canada, along with a letter explaining he won a cruise and $33,000. He was supposed to cash the first check, for $2999.

don't give anyone your info, don't wire anyone money. as long as you don't do anything like that, you'll be fine. This does sound like one of those scans where they send you a check and then have you wire them money. So be careful of that.