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Champion Trophies

FM2012 Part 2 - Champion's Trophy

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Wimbledon has the World Cup beat when it comes to trophy design

USA Today’s sports writer likened the trophy to a burrito . “From a distance, it looks like a burrito from a food truck that uses gold-colored foil. Relatively cool up close, an unshapely blob from afar. It’s like an Impressionist painting, in reverse.”

And the Guardian’s Tom Meltzer points out a seemingly obvious conceptual flaw in very shape of the World Cup trophy. “It’s not a real cup,” he writes. “A cup is supposed to be bowl-shaped. The World Cup trophy’s just a lump. A (probably) hollow lump. And yet FIFA refuses to change the name of the tournament accordingly.”

Size matters

Beyond surface aesthetics, the World Cup trophy’s biggest flaw is its size. Standing 14.4 inches (36.8 cm) tall, Gazzaniga likely took cues from FIFA’s original Jules Rimet trophy which measured 14 inches high. Designed by the French sculptor Abel Lafleur—a statuette depicting the Greek goddess of victory Nike bearing a cup—it was conceived in 1929 when the World Cup was a considerably smaller spectacle.

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