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Will BB&T-SunTrust start a de novo wave?

Big bank mergers were a catalyst for de novo activity before the financial crisis, said Jeffery Smith, a lawyer at Vorys, Sater, Seymour & Pease.

Some bankers may use the BB&T-SunTrust combination as a chance to reflect on whether they want to move to a smaller institution where they can have a greater impact and closer contact with clients, Smith said. Others could determine that they want to start a bank to help local communities.

“The types of bankers that de novos tend to attract ... have an entrepreneurial streak and that's often not the environment they find themselves in in a larger institution,” Smith said. “I would certainly imagine that the BB&T-SunTrust merger would result in bankers looking at opportunities in smaller institutions in their markets, as well as potential de novo opportunities.”

Bankers who come from larger institutions may have a strong client base, which would provide a startup with "instantaneous business,” Smith said.

BB&T-SunTrust seek FDIC as primary federal regulator

The Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. appears to have won BB&T-SunTrust’s regulatory sweepstakes.

The combined bank would be chartered in North Carolina and be a state nonmember, North Carolina Banking Commissioner Ray Grace said Tuesday at a bank directors conference in Greensboro, N.C., hosted by the North Carolina Bankers Association. That would mean Grace’s office and the FDIC (not the Federal Reserve) would share supervisory authority. However, the Fed would oversee the holding company.

A spokesman for BB&T, based in Winston-Salem, N.C., declined to comment except to say "we're in ongoing discussions on that matter." An FDIC spokesman said the agency does not comment on pending matters.

Federal merger applications filed by BB&T and SunTrust in recent days do not explicitly say that the companies are seeking the FDIC as their lead federal regulator, but they do say SunTrust’s charter would be merged into BB&T’s, and BB&T is currently a state nonmember bank. BB&T used similar language in a proxy statement filed on Monday.

How good is bbt for determining ovulation?

I've only been charting my bbt for a few months. I've gotten the triphasic pattern and all that. But how could of an indicator is bbt for monitering ovulation?
Could I be not ovulating even though my temperature rises?

If your temperature rises, you have ovulated. BBT is really good at showing you that you have ovulated, but it shows it to you AFTER you have already ovulated. Keep taking your temperatures, but start to notice your cervical fluids.