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BB&T Sets Closing Date For Saint Clair Branch

SAINT CLAIR -- People walking in and out of the BB&T on North Second Street will soon be a thing of the past in Saint Clair.

The bank had announced this branch in Saint Clair is closing and moving to Pottsville.

“It is going to be an inconvenience to find another branch or go to Pottsville for me it will add 25 minutes to my day,” said Michael Barletta.

BB&T bank officials tell Newswatch 16 more people are using online banking, so fewer "brick and mortar" locations are needed.

But to some customers, mobile banking cannot replace a friendly face especially at a bank branch within walking distance.

“I work right down the street. It is very convenient to come here because the parking is good, the people are good. It is a shame they are closing,” John Petritsch.

A Few of My Favorite Things, a consignment store, is right across the street from the soon-to-be-closed BB&T.

Employees there are concerned what the bank closing could mean for downtown business.

BB&T Bank to close in Saint Clair

SAINT CLAIR — The BB&T Bank and the drive-thru in Mill Creek are closing in May, leaving the borough without a standalone financial institution.

And with the plan to move employees from that bank to the Pottsville location, the Schuylkill United Way will be searching for a new home.

“More and more, our clients are choosing to conduct their banking business digitally both here at BB&T and in the financial industry as a whole. While branches are still an important part of BB&T’s business model, we’re constantly evaluating all of our locations in terms of client-use patterns and convenience within the markets we serve.

“We never take the decision to close a financial center lightly. But after much consideration, we’ve decided to close the Saint Clair branch at 2 North Second Street on May 18. We’re ready to serve those clients at the Pottsville branch at 9 North Centre Street, which is about a three-mile drive and are encouraging them to visit us there. We don’t expect any layoffs as a result of this branch closing. Most of our branch associates will move to the receiving financial center to serve those same clients,” David R. White, vice president of corporate communications, said via email.

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