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Commentary: 10 years after going into conservatorship, Fannie and ...

It has been a decade since the global financial crisis hit with full force, leaving in its wake breathtaking economic and social devastation. Much of the financial system has been restructured since to reduce the possibility that we ever again suffer such events. But one major piece of unfinished business remains: the restructuring of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.

Fannie and Freddie, the government-sponsored enterprises that purchase mortgage loans from lenders and package them into securities that they guarantee, are among the nation’s most important financial institutions. They guarantee almost half of all the mortgage debt outstanding. When they faltered during the dark days of 2008, the government had little choice but to push them into conservatorship because their toppling would have wiped out the critical housing market, pushing a nation already in recession into an economic depression.

Yet their stay in conservatorship, intended as a “timeout” to stabilize the housing finance system as Congress decided what to do with the behemoths, has turned into a decade-long limbo. Policymakers have repeatedly failed to muster the political will to make the difficult decisions required for revision.

MFB adopts robotics to automate BTL applications

By adopting robotic technology, the specialist buy-to-let broker’s mortgage advisers have been able to improve turnaround times for customers. The robot generates an AIP (Agreement In Principle), then if good to go, proceeds with a full mortgage application.

Commenting on the new technology Mark Ryan, IT director said: “Recent advancements in robotics have helped us overcome some of the challenges we previously faced when trying to automate application submissions, particularly with lenders’ legacy systems.

“We’ve invested heavily and have been working collaboratively with Extra Technology, the intelligent automation experts since last December. Five staff members are now certified Advanced Automation Anywhere professionals but all of our BTL advisers are successfully using the technology to submit applications to both Kent Reliance and Paragon.”

Initially, Mortgages for Business engaged with Kent Reliance to develop and test the technology which extrapolates, manipulates and deposits data directly from the firm’s CRM database into Kent Reliance’s submission system.

mortgage with kent reliance building society?

does anyone know how flexible is kent reliance building society about your credit to get a mortgage?

I have never heard of Kent? However, with limited credit you should be going FHA! You can even get down payment assistance so you can save your cash.

Speak with an FHA certified loan officer, or email me and we will help you out.

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