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US banks borrowing from US mortgage agency jumps: report

), Represented roughly 24 percent of the total par value of FHLB advances outstanding at mid-2017.

JPMorgan had $68 billion advances or 10 percent of total advances; Wells Fargo $63 billion or 9 percent and Citigroup $36 billion or 5 percent, the report showed.

”Over the past few years, JPMorgan, Wells Fargo, and Citigroup have increased their aggregate FHLBank funding. The

funding comes from multiple FHLBanks because the three have subsidiaries that are members of multiple FHLBanks,” wrote Kenechukwu Anadu, a financial markets specialist at the Boston Federal Reserve and Viktoria Baklanova, senior financial analyst at the Office of Financial Research.

Under current liquidity coverage ratio requirements, FHLB advances receive easier regulatory treatment than those in private markets, stoking demand from banks for them, they said.

Anadu and Banklanova’s report centered on their findings on FHLB’s role in the U.S. money market due to tighter bank regulations and money market fund reform in response to the 2007-2009 financial crisis.

China central bank chief raises new worry in China: Mortgage-driven household debt

The bigger worry about China has been high levels of corporate and local government debt. The Chinese government has spoken about the need to limit that growth, and most analysts expect authorities will gradually rein it in. But this year, household debt has arisen as another area of concern about financial leverage in China.

"China's household debt has been rising at an 'alarming' pace over the past two years," Citi analyst Li-Gang Liu said in an Oct. 10 note. The report pointed out that outstanding household debt in China has doubled from 29.6 percent of gross domestic product at 16 trillion yuan ($2.41 trillion) in 2012 to 44.3 percent of GDP at 33 trillion yuan last year.

Mortgage loans for buying property are the largest driver of that household debt growth, Liu said. Property prices, especially in major Chinese cities, have shot higher as "the returns on property investment were much higher than interest rates on savings and loans."

mortgage with kent reliance building society?

does anyone know how flexible is kent reliance building society about your credit to get a mortgage?

I have never heard of Kent? However, with limited credit you should be going FHA! You can even get down payment assistance so you can save your cash.

Speak with an FHA certified loan officer, or email me and we will help you out.