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The Journey of a Parkway Dry Cleaners Shirt

Follow the specialized Parkway dry cleaning process from the shirt's point of view.

Fourth of July floods shutdown popular Houston dog park— again!

HOUSTON — Like a lot of places around the Bayou City, the newly re-opened Johnny Steele Dog Park looks more like a lake after the rainy Independence Day deluge!

"It seems as the water's having a tough time going down," area resident Emmanual Herrera commented.

"Especially because it was beautiful, I mean, it was a nice park for the dogs, and around here we need that," Jessica Salazar also remarked.

"Yesterday, we came down here and saw how it was, and it was really devastating," devout dog walker Heidy Carstens shared.

The popular dog park off Allen Parkway was just making a comeback, and NewsFix was there in June when the park officially re-opened less than a month ago following the crippling floods of Harvey.

"It's such a great park, and it's been a shame that it's been destroyed for so long," a park goer said after the dog park's official reopening.

But guess what, it's doggy Deja Vu all over again!

The Fourth of July floods did a nasty number on the pooch park once again.

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