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Parkway Dry Cleaners

The Journey of a Parkway Dry Cleaners Shirt

Follow the specialized Parkway dry cleaning process from the shirt's point of view.

Pressed Dry Cleaners in Wichita Falls to close Southwest Parkway location

Due to an increased demand for pickup/delivery and decrease in need for storefront service, Pressed Dry Cleaners says it will close one of its Wichita Falls’ locations.

After 35 years of service, Pressed on Southwest Parkway (formerly Comet Cleaners) will be closing Dec. 22.

All the employees from this location will be transferring to the Fairway store.

Pressed owner Brian Hooker said since launching their application for free dry-cleaning pickup and delivery, there has been a decreased demand for multiple stores in the city.

“The dry-cleaning industry has always been service-oriented, but now with the advanced technology that our free pickup and delivery service app offers, the customers don’t even have to leave their homes," Hooker said.

"Like Amazon has changed consumer shopping habits, we are changing your dry-cleaning habits.

Looking back: The losses and gains on the Greater Lafayette businesses scene

LAFAYETTE, Ind.— One thing we can always count on is change, and Greater Lafayette's business scene is constantly changing.

According to a Small Business Administration report, about 66 percent of businesses with employees survive at least two years, while roughly half of businesses survive at least five years.

While Greater Lafayette saw several businesses close in 2018 for various reasons, the  good news is a higher number of new businesses took the leap to open doors.

Here is a non-comprehensive list of businesses we saw come and go in 2018.



After receiving several dozen critical health code violations over the course of a year, the Asian cuisine restaurant was forced to close its doors after its food permit was revoked.  

Jakes Roadhouse

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