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Parkway Dry Cleaners

The Journey of a Parkway Dry Cleaners Shirt

Follow the specialized Parkway dry cleaning process from the shirt's point of view.

Hewlett phase two cleanup getting started

One stretches from Cedarwood Dry Cleaners across West Broadway into the lot across from Hewlett Parkway, the other includes Piermont Dry Cleaners and other parts of the shopping center on Broadway.

Both PCE and TCE can cause cancer if ingested, even at a fraction of the level that the EPA found in the two sites in Hewlett. However, the drinking water for residents comes from a well 1,000 feet north of the site, which is regularly monitored for any sort of contamination.

These contaminations were initially discovered in 1991 and have been listed as one of the EPA’s priorities since 2004. The first phase of the cleanup began in 2011 when the EPA designed a series of pumps to bring the polluted groundwater to the surface to be treated, according to the EPA at a cost of $21.5 million.

There has not yet been a date announced for the start of phase two, but the plan is to address the sources of this contamination. The EPA will apply non-hazardous additives to the groundwater to help breakdown the contaminating chemicals, then extract the substances as a vapor.

Zoe's Kitchen opens at University Station

Zoe’s Kitchen has opened in the new University Station shopping center.

The Texas-based Mediterranean chain features a variety of soups, salads, kabobs and pitas. The company also offers larger, family-style meals that serve as many as six people.

University Station, at the intersection of University Parkway and Honore Avenue, has been under construction for several months and is now fully leased, according to information from the developer, S.J. Collins Enterprises. The 53,746-square-foot commercial project is anchored by a 41,668-square-foot Whole Foods Market, which is expected to open in the next few months. Wawa, under construction, should also open at that site by the end of the year.

Great Expressions Dental Centers, Lee Nails, Banfield Pet Hospital and Greenwise Dry Cleaner also are slated for the development.

Sip & Strolls return to The Southgate Village Shops

The Southgate Villages Shops are inviting shoppers back for their monthly Sip & Strolls beginning on Oct. 12.

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