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Holidays not the only factor in consumers' massive debt struggles
Holiday debt, credit card debt, college debt, car loan debt, mortgage debt – and a lot of each – are commonplace nationwide, and growing. According to the website, the average U.S. household (including those that are deeply indebted

Rise in 1st-time UK homebuyers
Bloomberg LONDON (Bloomberg)—The number of U.K. first-time homebuyers climbed to the highest in more than six years in December as the economy improved and people took advantage of the government's Help-to-Buy mortgage program, LSL Property Services

Consumer Reporting Data
Information about your payment history (submitted by credit card companies, mortgage lenders, auto financiers and other creditors nationwide). • How much credit you have. .. First Advantage Consumer Relations. P.O. Box 3367. Seminole, FL 33775. Phone.

Over 50 Life Insurance Provides Coverage During Retirement!
Seniors often ignore the advantages life insurance can provide during retirement. Since funerals are becoming more and On this site, customers have access to quotes for insurance plans from various agencies, such as local or nationwide agencies

FHA Mortgage Loans with Cash Out Refinancing

Nationwide Mortgage Loans provides low rate FHA loans with Cash Out refinancing options for borrowers looking to raise capital and consolidate ...

The abrupt reversal that shows Donald Trump's approach to consumer protection

According to the CFPB, this was not, in fact, true. Though paying biweekly instead of monthly does mean effectively making an extra payment each year, Nationwide kept the first payment as fee and charged additional fees per payment. Per the CFPB’s calculations, it would take nine years in the program for a customer to recoup the fees paid, and 20 years before she realizes half the savings promised by Nationwide. Only 25% of borrowers remained in the program more than four years.

As the CFPB put it in its complaint, “in Nationwide’s Lifetime infomercial aired in 2014, [owner Daniel Lipsky] claimed, ‘last year alone we helped our customers eliminate over $161 million in interest charges.’…Nationwide’s customers did not save $161 million in interest charges in 2013.” But the company did collect $49 million in fees between 2011 and 2014.

A federal judge in California didn’t agree with all of the CFPB’s charges and said that it had adequately disclosed the first annual fee, writing that “the ‘distinctive, eye-catching bold text’ stating ‘NO UPFRONT FEE’ serves as an implied warning that there likely were some fees, rather than deception.” He declined to order Nationwide to repay its customers directly, or force Lipsky to give up his profits.

Equity release goes mainstream in the UK as Nationwide offers lifetime mortgage

The equity release market has come of age in the UK as one of the biggest lenders joins the equity release market to become the only major high street mortgage lender to offer this kind of product.

The Nationwide Building Society has launched a lifetime mortgage product which is available to both new and existing customers aged between 55 to 84. The fixed mortgage rates are divided into four tiers based on different amounts of loan to value and start from 3.80%.

Loans are available up to 46% LTV, with the amount available to borrow depending on age, the size of the mortgage required and whether it is a single or joint application. Additionally, there are no product, valuation or advice fees, although applicants will be required to take independent legal advice.

Customers with the product will have the ability to take additional borrowing, port the mortgage if they move to a new property, or to make partial repayments of up to 10% a year. There are Early Repayment Charges that are stepped and reduce over the first 15 years of the mortgage term. The new range will be distributed exclusively via Age Solutions, part of the Age Partnership Group.

How credible is The Wal-Mart Mortgage Program and their partner Nationwide Advantage Mortgage?

Any honest Real Estate lenders?

Of course there are honest real estate lenders. The clear majority are honest. If not, the business would cease to exist. Don't believe everything you hear about mortgage fraud and rip-offs. It is not the norm.