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Holidays not the only factor in consumers' massive debt struggles
Holiday debt, credit card debt, college debt, car loan debt, mortgage debt – and a lot of each – are commonplace nationwide, and growing. According to the website, the average U.S. household (including those that are deeply indebted

Rise in 1st-time UK homebuyers
Bloomberg LONDON (Bloomberg)—The number of U.K. first-time homebuyers climbed to the highest in more than six years in December as the economy improved and people took advantage of the government's Help-to-Buy mortgage program, LSL Property Services

Consumer Reporting Data
Information about your payment history (submitted by credit card companies, mortgage lenders, auto financiers and other creditors nationwide). • How much credit you have. .. First Advantage Consumer Relations. P.O. Box 3367. Seminole, FL 33775. Phone.

Over 50 Life Insurance Provides Coverage During Retirement!
Seniors often ignore the advantages life insurance can provide during retirement. Since funerals are becoming more and On this site, customers have access to quotes for insurance plans from various agencies, such as local or nationwide agencies

FHA Mortgage Loans with Cash Out Refinancing

Nationwide Mortgage Loans provides low rate FHA loans with Cash Out refinancing options for borrowers looking to raise capital and consolidate ...

How many families actually own half-million dollar homes?

Of the many changes to the U.S. tax code proposed in House Republicans' plan released this week, few are proving to be as contentious as the cut to the mortgage interest deduction (MID).

Under the proposal, homeowners would only be able to deduct interest on the first $500,000 of mortgage debt, half of the current $1 million threshold. The change would not affect existing mortgages, only mortgages on purchases made after the law is in force.

Owners of expensive homes would still be able to take the deduction on their first $500,000 of mortgage debt. If you have a $550,000 mortgage, for instance, you'd be able to deduct the interest on all but the last $50,000 of principal owed.

That hasn't stopped realtors and home builders' groups from slamming the proposal, calling it an unacceptable tax hike on middle class families living in expensive areas, like D.C. and San Francisco. “The nation's 1.3 million Realtors cannot support a bill that takes homeownership off the table for millions of middle-class families,” said William Brown, president of the National Association of Realtors, in a statement .

Homeowners would lose key tax breaks under Republican tax plan

That desirable beachfront bungalow in Malibu, luxe high-rise condo in New York or historic brownstone in Washington, D.C., might soon come with fewer tax perks.

Americans that borrow large sums of money to live in pricey real estate markets and states with high property taxes like California and New York will reap fewer tax benefits from home ownership under a tax proposal rolled out Thursday by House Republicans. 

Under the proposed plan, the tax code in general would be less friendly for many Americans who own or want to buy real estate. The plan would cap the deduction for property taxes, which is currently unlimited, at $10,000. The proposal would also keep the current mortgage interest deduction of up to $1 million only on existing mortgages, but cap the deduction at $500,000 for new purchases.

"Those in the luxe category will be hit the hardest," says Ralph McLaughlin, chief economist at Trulia, the online real estate site. It will also impact expensive coastal markets like California, Washington state, New York, Massachusetts and cities in Florida like Miami Beach.

How credible is The Wal-Mart Mortgage Program and their partner Nationwide Advantage Mortgage?

Any honest Real Estate lenders?

Of course there are honest real estate lenders. The clear majority are honest. If not, the business would cease to exist. Don't believe everything you hear about mortgage fraud and rip-offs. It is not the norm.

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