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Citigroup to Refund $335M to Credit Card Customers it Overcharged

If a credit card company paid back the consumers, they would be a smash hit. Well, sort of, because that doesn’t assume the payback referenced is actually money that was wrongfully taken and now being more or less forcibly given back.

Citigroup said last Friday it plans to refund $335 million to a group of customers who may have been overpaying interest on their credit cards, The New York Post reports.

Citi will refund 1.75 million customers the overpaid interest by the end of the year. The agreement came following a settlement with the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.

Earlier this year, Citi disclosed that it had used a flawed methodology in determining whether credit card customers were eligible for an interest-rate reduction on their cards, as required by the CARD Act, a federal law that governs the credit card industry, according to The New York Post.

Citi disclosed the flaw to regulators, including the CFPB, in 2017, The Post continues. The CFPB didn’t fine Citi for the flawed practice because of the bank’s decision to self-report the problem to regulators and that it was in the process of refunding customers. Citi did already have funds ready to cover the refund in a regulatory filing earlier this year.

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Mr Speaker, the right to housing is recognised in a number of international human rights instruments. Article 25 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights recognises the right to housing as part of the right to an adequate standard of living.

Article 11(1) of the International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights (ICESCR) also recognises the right to housing as part of the right to an adequate standard of living. This convention was signed by Jamaica in 1966 and ratified in October 1975.

Notwithstanding that, Mr Speaker, as a country, we have not been faithful to that covenant. Not when you consider that approximately 25 per cent of our population of 2.8 million live in squatter communities euphemistically called informal settlements.

Not when you interrogate the data to recognise that despite contribution to the National Housing Trust (NHT), the poorest income segments, despite being the highest net contributors, are not the majority NHT beneficiaries.

Has anyone had success with a principle reduction in California with Wells Fargo home mortgage?I am being?

reviewed for a modification and was wondering if a principle reduction would be available with Wells Fargo? Or what service did they use to complete the principle reduction. Thanks.

Who is your investor? Fannie Mae is the only investor that I am aware of that is currently allowing principle forgiveness, but of course you would have to qualify. As someone else stated, under Hamp, you can be given a Princple Forebearance or Setaside.