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First Tennessee boosts lending to low- and moderate-income Chattanooga residents

Decades of banking bias have left many unfairly cut out of home ownership, local and national reports show, but one national organization is partnering with a Chattanooga grassroots nonprofit organization to combat the inequity one bank at a time.

After months of conversations with the Washington, D.C.-based National Community Reinvestment Coalition and community-based organizations across the South, Memphis-based First Tennessee bank has signed a "community benefits agreement," which commits nearly $4 billion over a five-year period to benefit local residents traditionally cut out of lending.

"First Tennessee has been a part of Chattanooga's community for over 40 years," said Jeff Jackson, First Tennessee's Chattanooga market president. "During that time, we've supported organizations that do so much to make our community a better place. However, there are still individuals and organizations who need the focus these dollars will provide over the next five years. We are excited to see the playing field leveled for so many who are underserved. For First Tennessee, it's not only the best thing to do, it's the right thing to do.

Help with state of mortgage industry?

ok i know that the mortagage industry is really bad right now. my dad manages a first horizon home loans office and i think his job might be at stake. i am only 13 and my dad wont talk about it but im really worried about it.

First Horizon is a very conservative shop so business will be slow, but they will stick around.