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Why is taking out an Aussie Personal Loan a Smart Choice?

We ask John Symond why taking out an Aussie Personal Loan is a smarter choice for managing larger loan amounts than common alternatives such as a ...

Should You Pay Off Debt, or Should You Save and Invest?

The type of saving and investing matters

Speaking of making big changes, it's important to prioritize a key type of savings so you don't find yourself falling back into debt every time an unexpected expense arises. That type of savings is an emergency fund.

The importance of breaking the debt cycle is a big reason some financial experts believe  saving for an emergency fund should take priority even over extra debt payments, even on your highest interest debts. That's because emergencies inevitably happen. If you have no money to cover them, you have no choice but to put surprise expenses on credit. This creates a situation where you're constantly in and out of debt and never really improving your situation. It could also kill any motivation for debt repayment. 

Because saving an emergency fund also helps you protect your health -- you'll be able to pay medical bills instead of delaying treatment -- and protect your home from foreclosure or your car from repossession, having emergency savings is very important.

Is Australian Finance Group Limited (ASX:AFG) A Smart Choice For Dividend Investors?

Does Australian Finance Group pass our checks?

The company currently pays out 51.60% of its earnings as a dividend, according to its trailing twelve-month data, meaning the dividend is sufficiently covered by earnings. In the near future, analysts are predicting a higher payout ratio of 79.79%, leading to a dividend yield of around 10.78%. However, EPS is forecasted to fall to A$0.16 in the upcoming year. Therefore, although payout is expected to increase, the fall in earnings may not equate to higher dividend income.

If dividend is a key criteria in your investment consideration, then you need to make sure the dividend stock you’re eyeing out is reliable in its payments. Unfortunately, it is really too early to view Australian Finance Group as a dividend investment. It has only been consistently paying dividends for 3 years, however, standard practice for reliable payers is to look for a 10-year minimum track record.

Relative to peers, Australian Finance Group produces

Can I still Refinance If I'm Self Employed? I have an Option ARM mortgage and am afriad of rising rates!?

I JUST started my own business and bought a new house and between the two I'm kinda broke. Started the business about 6 months ago and I've been moved in here now for about 12 weeks now.

First of all, don't worry about your ARM going up unless you are getting close to the adjustment date. If you have a 3-year ARM and you just go it, you have 3 years to not worry. Make sure you understand the terms and dates of your ARM.

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