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Why is taking out an Aussie Personal Loan a Smart Choice?

We ask John Symond why taking out an Aussie Personal Loan is a smarter choice for managing larger loan amounts than common alternatives such as a ...

Oregon Takes On Soaring Home Prices

I took a quick look at the bill. For “affordable housing”, read “Section VIII apartments”. This bill doesn’t appear to do anything to help with home ownership or opening up restrictive land usage regulations. Instead, it’s designed to cram modern-day tenements into unwilling communities.

Also, note Section 3:4(a) on page 2 of the bill. Essentially, if the city or county in question already has a comprehensive land use plan (like Portland’s notoriously restrictive plan), it can deny permits for affordable housing in areas outside the “urban growth boundary”.

Section 6:4(B) is also interesting in that being a national historic district is not an acceptable excuse for blocking this type of housing. Not being from Oregon, I can’t be sure, but I wonder if there is a specific neighborhood that the drafters had in mind when writing the bill.

Section 6:8 is annoying in that local governments are encouraged to place significant restrictions on manufactured housing outside of “trailer parks”. It wasn’t made mandatory, but obviously the preferred goal is to keep a member of the proletariat from buying a small piece of land, put a trailer on it and either improve the land themselves or wait for land values to increase and then sell out at a profit. Homesteading built the American West, but God forbid that you try to improve your position in 21st century Oregon!

Tiny houses on the rise in Maine to solve cost and environment problems

Helping shelter residents back to an independent and stable situation, Primm says, keeps getting harder – especially with funds dwindling for the federal housing choice voucher program . “If we can’t find housing and move people, then our whole program is a 16-car pileup,” she said.

In search of creative solutions, Primm and her staff teamed up with Tia Anderson, executive director of Midcoast Habitat for Humanity. They found inspiration in a South Carolina project called Opportunity Village , where volunteers built two dozen tiny houses for homeless community members. The village relies on a common building for cooking and recreation.

The midcoast partners began to envision a cluster of 10 to 14 tiny homes on the land behind Hospitality House that could extend the shelter’s supportive community while offering residents more privacy. Given the acute sense of loss endured by those who are homeless, a tiny home base might provide some solace.

Can I still Refinance If I'm Self Employed? I have an Option ARM mortgage and am afriad of rising rates!?

I JUST started my own business and bought a new house and between the two I'm kinda broke. Started the business about 6 months ago and I've been moved in here now for about 12 weeks now.

First of all, don't worry about your ARM going up unless you are getting close to the adjustment date. If you have a 3-year ARM and you just go it, you have 3 years to not worry. Make sure you understand the terms and dates of your ARM.