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Why is taking out an Aussie Personal Loan a Smart Choice?

We ask John Symond why taking out an Aussie Personal Loan is a smarter choice for managing larger loan amounts than common alternatives such as a ...

Smart Choice: Hetal Patel Returns To iHeart

Hetal Patel is now in the role, and she reports to Brian Kaminsky, President of SmartAudio and Analytics Group for iHeartMedia.

In her new role, Patel will lead the SmartAudio Intelligence Insights team “to create research and insights that shape iHeartMedia’s value proposition.”

Her responsibilities will include providing critical consumer insights, market intelligence and industry trends to iHeartMedia teams, markets and executives by leveraging expertise in areas such as audience analysis, advertising sales metrics and media and digital consumer research.

In addition, Patel will work closely with iHeartMedia’s partners on the development of next-generation analytics, techniques and products including Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Sentiment Analysis and more.

iHeartMedia’s marketing optimization tools include  SoundPoint  (programmatic real-time radio ad buying platform) and  SmartAudio  , which enables advertisers to do impression-based audience planning and dynamic radio ad creative that utilizes real-time triggers such as weather, pollen counts, sports scores, mortgage rates and more to deploy different campaign messages based on what is happening in a specific market at a specific moment.

Is Provident Financial Holdings, Inc. (NASDAQ:PROV) A Smart Choice For Dividend Investors?

How well does Provident Financial Holdings fit our criteria?

The current trailing twelve-month payout ratio for PROV is 100%, meaning the dividend is not sufficiently covered by its earnings. Furthermore, analysts have not forecasted a dividends per share for the future, which makes it hard to determine the yield shareholders should expect, and whether the current payout is sustainable, moving forward.

When thinking about whether a dividend is sustainable, another factor to consider is the cash flow . A company with strong cash flow, relative to earnings, can sometimes sustain a high pay out ratio.

If there is one thing that you want to be reliable in your life, it’s dividend stocks and their constant income stream. Whilst its per-share payments have increased during the past 10 years, there has been some hiccups. Investors have seen reductions in the dividend per share in the past, although, it has picked up again.

Compared to its peers, Provident Financial Holdings generates a yield of 3.6%, which is on the low-side for Mortgage stocks.

Can I still Refinance If I'm Self Employed? I have an Option ARM mortgage and am afriad of rising rates!?

I JUST started my own business and bought a new house and between the two I'm kinda broke. Started the business about 6 months ago and I've been moved in here now for about 12 weeks now.

First of all, don't worry about your ARM going up unless you are getting close to the adjustment date. If you have a 3-year ARM and you just go it, you have 3 years to not worry. Make sure you understand the terms and dates of your ARM.

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