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RPT-Fitch: House Price Affordability Strained in Major Global Cities
RPT-Fitch: House Price Affordability Strained in Major Global Cities Fitch Ratings says in its latest annual Global Housing and Mortgage Outlook report that while relatively high house price to income ratios in major global cities (such as London, New York, San Francisco and Tokyo) versus national averages can partly be 

Bernard Hickey: Predictions need a pinch of salt
Those who fixed mortgages in 2009 will be particularly sceptical. Inflation is actually still very subdued. Some think a Chinese financial meltdown or another European crisis could derail the global recovery, and there remain plenty of doubts about how

Ally CEO Sees IPO Road Show in the First Half of This Year
Burdened by shoddy subprime mortgages, Ally had begun reporting losses in 2007 that reached $10.3 billion in 2009. With the firm on the brink of failure, the U.S. engineered a rescue to ensure money kept flowing to the auto industry and preserve jobs.

To lock or not to lock? That is the question for new home buyers as interest ...
INTEREST rates on fixed mortgages have hovered at record lows but history shows it's an each-way bet to getting ahead if you lock in loan. Analysis of fixed rates over the past 20 years by financial ratings firm Canstar found it is 50-50 when it comes

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Lenders do not want your home or the hassles and costs associated with foreclosure. Global Mortgage Financials are experts at negotiating with ...

Bank of America laying off technology workers in Charlotte ...

“It’s an adjustment to the market,” Francisco said, noting that a couple hundred mortgage employees work in the building but not all are affected by the layoffs. Charlotte is the only U.S. market where mortgage layoffs were announced Tuesday, he said.

One technology employee who works in Charlotte said workers notified on Tuesday included people in engineering, project management and program management functions. Some affected employees work in uptown as well as Rhode Island, the person said.

Frahm said employees affected Tuesday are eligible and encouraged to apply for open positions at the company, which has a strong track record of transitioning laid-off workers into new roles.

Bank of America has reduced its total employment by more than 70,000 under CEO Brian Moynihan, who took over in 2010. Cuts have affected a wide range of positions across the company.

The bank has cited attrition as one factor behind declines in headcount, but it has also pointed to efficiency efforts in previous rounds of layoffs affecting technology jobs. Moynihan has pushed to improve efficiencies under a program launched in 2014 called Simplify and Improve.

As Mortgage Rates Fall, Refinancing Activity Jumps

Mortgage shoppers are in luck.

As global political risks and low inflation have sent interest rates lower, mortgage rates have fallen to levels not seen since late 2016.

The average 30-year fixed mortgage rate on Wednesday fell to just 3.58% according to  Zillow Mortgages .

And the   Mortgage Bankers Association 's latest survey (which includes points in its results), said Wednesday morning that rates had reached the lowest level since last November -- 4.06%, down from 4.11% the week prior. The rate for jumbo balances (more than $424,100), was 3.96%.

Not surprisingly, mortgage applications jumped. Applications for a new mortgage rose by 3.3% for the week ending September 1. An index of refinancing activity increased 5% from the prior week. That measure is still 39% below a year ago, however, points out Peter Boockvar of The Lindsey Group .

Refinancing made up the biggest share of mortgage activity all year -- 51%, up from 49% the week before. The share of adjustable rate mortgages rose, too -- up to 7.2% of all applications.

Is China immuned from the global subprime mortgage crisis?

This is for a discussion question at school.

Do you think the economy of China will be "immuned" from the global subprime mortgage crisis?

To understand the global sub-prime mortgage crisis watch these videos 4g&feature=related Kc&feature=related

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