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Housing mentally ill inmates challenges county resources
Housing mentally ill inmates challenges county resources LOCKUP—The Ventura County Main Jail is on Victoria Avenue in Ventura. It is LOCKUP—The Ventura County Main Jail is on Victoria Avenue in Ventura. It is part of the county's government center. Courtesy of the Ventura Co. Sheriff's Office On the 

Enrollment drop slows in 2015-16 school year
“We think the efforts to better market our programs and the positive press on social media and in the Acorn contributes to these numbers.” Earlier this month, SVUSD launched a rebranding At a forum SVUSD held in November for members of the local

Tracking progress
JOAN PAHOYO/Acorn Newspapers For one day each year volunteers in Ventura County scour the area from Oxnard to Simi Valley counting the number of people who are homeless. It's a requirement set by the United States Department of Housing and Urban

Helping others is her calling
“I love working with seniors so I went to a (Simi Valley) Council on Aging meeting (in 2010) and I decided to get involved,” Olson, told the . “But even though I'm retired, I keep my nurse and nurse Besides being a member of the

ACORN Breaks Into Baltimore Homes

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City analysis could result in windfall of units

Passed overwhelmingly by voters in 1996 and adopted into law in 1997, Measure E prevents any development that exceeds densities allowed by the city’s 1996 general plan from going forward without voter approval. It states that the plan “should not be subject to unreasonable and increased development pressures.”

At the time the law was written, overdevelopment was the No. 1 fight in city politics, with T.O. broken into two factions: slow growth and (almost) no growth.

Councilmember Andy Fox, then in his first term, co-authored the initiative with former City Attorney Mark Sellers as an alternative to an even stricter growth-control measure that his political opponents were discussing.

Sellers, who now represents mainly private interests, said Measure E hasn’t been applied according to its original intent.

That intent, Sellers said, was to make sure the city doesn’t grow beyond what its infrastructure can support, not to stop all reasonable residential development. The city built infrastructure to support a much larger population than currently exists, he said.

One less concern

The two-bedroom condo on a quiet street in Moorpark might not look like much to passers-by, but to Martha Venegas, it means everything.

The 32- year- old mother of four was set on fire by her husband two years ago (he’s since been sentenced to prison). Through her long recovery, she stayed with family, sharing a house with 15 other people.

Now with help from the Westlake Village based Coalition for Family Harmony, Venegas and her children are getting a brand-new start. They moved into a place of their own three months ago and reclaimed one aspect of a normal life.

Caroline Prijatel-Sutton is the executive director of the coalition. The nonprofit offers a variety of services to help survivors of domestic violence, sexual assault and child abuse, including a transitional housing program.

That program recently received a giant boost in the form of a $600,000 grant from the California Office of Emergency Services, enabling CFH to offer more domestic violence victims— like Venegas—a chance at an independent life.

acorn housing?

Has anybody heard of them? Used them? Or know somebody who has? We're fist time home owners, and need a little help-they seem legit and have alot to offer..anybody have an opinion on these kinds of programs?

I've met with them before, they are legit. They help with first time home buyers with mortgages and finding low income homes. They didn't ask for a fee, but there is a charge to become a member, but I don't know if its required.