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Marathon Asset Management Closes $35MM Credit Agreement with Workhorse Group - News

In addition to closing the Marathon loan facility, Workhorse continues working in partnership with Duke Energy Corporation. On November 28, 2018, as the first step in the relationship, a subsidiary of Duke Energy purchased 615,000 Panasonic battery cells for $1.3 million from Workhorse. The transaction is intended as an initial step toward an arrangement between Duke Energy and Workhorse in creating an innovative battery leasing program designed to provide customers a cost competitive electric vehicle product alternative.  Through this relationship, Duke Energy intends to explore further development of eFleet solutions to Workhorse customers which may include single-point management and financing of all the Behind the Meter (BTM) infrastructure necessary to support depot wide electrification, vehicle/battery leasing and distributed energy resources.

White Oak Healthcare Finance Provides $161 Million to Support Allegiant Healthcare's SNF Acquisition

“Allegiant is a very experienced investor that has become one of the top investors in the post-acute care industry,” said Ross Eldridge, Managing Director at White Oak. “We are excited to support Allegiant in their acquisition and to partner with a talented and growing operator in Hillstone Healthcare. We look forward to working with both groups in the years to come.”

Allegiant Healthcare is a leading provider of short-term post-hospital rehabilitation and long-term and specialty care. Allegiant focuses on strategic alliances and operators. In this transaction, Allegiant formed a strategic alliance with one of Ohio’s most successful operators, Hillstone Healthcare.

“Aside from providing us with attractive financing terms, White Oak differentiated themselves with speed and certainty of execution. The White Oak team was flexible and efficient throughout the financing process,” said Ariel Fein, CEO of Allegiant. “They were able to execute a year-end closing in a compressed timeline. We are appreciative of the relationship and look forward to working together in the future.”

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