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Black income is half that of white households in the US—just like it was in the 1950s

But while progress was underway, African-Americans’ opportunities for economic and professional mobility were extremely limited. That reality was reflected in the vast wealth disparity between black and white households. In 1953, the net worth of the typical black household was just 20% of that of the typical white household, according to a recent  working paper by the Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis that offers an unusually long-term look at the evolution of America’s racial gap in household finances.

Today, there are many more high-profile examples of African-Americans receiving widespread acclaim in politics, the arts, business, sports, and beyond. But the success of those individuals isn’t representative of the economic status of African-Americans as a whole. By 2013, the wealth of the median black family in the US had fallen to a mere 10% that of its white counterpart. Put another way, in 1953, four-fifths of white families made more than the typical black household. Now, closer to nine-tenths do.

Street art has become a global business — and artists are worrying over its future

At the base of an abandoned building, the word “lovers” is surrounded by undulating pastel swirls and sun-dappled patterns. Walking through the mural feels like being enveloped in a candy-colored world. Scroll through Instagram, and you’ll find locals and tourists alike posing in front of the work, which is just one of more than a dozen large-scale murals in Crystal City, Va., created as part of developer JBG Smith’s efforts to revitalize the area.

The phenomenon is hardly unique to Crystal City. From the giant Shepard Fairey work adorning the side of the Line Hotel in Los Angeles to Melbourne, Australia, where a corporate-run block party hired a street artist to paint last fall, street art has been increasingly used in recent years for promotion and profit. What was once viewed as a problem by public officials has turned into a “ marketable commodity , ” complete with bitter copyright disputes and PR stunts designed to bait social media influencers.

America Becoming a Nation Of Debts?

People were dogged with the past memory,with the thought of voting for Clinton because a win for Hillary would put her husband, the former president, back in the White House too: "Oh God,With Bill Clinton. All our Life's was so good back with Clinton.

No, America has less debt than Japan. Japan has a higher GDP/debt ratio.

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Many countries around the world call the U.S. the word "America".