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Book Plug Friday! Seven Steps to Make Money From Writing

I presume if you're writing indie, you're doing it to make money.  Maybe you're not.  People write for all sorts of crazy reasons, from having decided at six that they were going to be writers, to their mommy wanting them to be writers, to wanting fame, acclaim and honorary degrees.

Heck, the times are changing and maybe you can get all of those and a scoop of vanilla ice cream.

But right now, and particularly if you're a PJMedia reader, your best chance is at money.

Sure, there will be other reasons.  For instance, I want to make money, and at this point, after staying home to raise the kids (now young men, thank you so much) my writing cred is all I have.  The multilingual scientific translation is a thing of the past since I'm now losing my Portuguese (I found out recently I'm not unique, but yeah, there are disturbing implications.

Detroit's Bonny Doon takes acclaim in stride: 'Things will go where they're meant to go'

Band members spoke recently with the Free Press about writing the new record near Michigan's Mystic Lake, embracing improvisation and fending off negative (as well as positive) press.

QUESTION: What inspired you to essentially go off into the woods to write more of an improvisational record? 

COLOMBO: We had done writing retreats before, so that was nothing new. They are really helpful for immersing in the process and getting to new places with ideas. We had spent a year writing the first record before we recorded it, and then we spent a long time recording it in a very piecemeal fashion. There was a lot of thinking going on. We really wanted ("Longwave") to be spontaneous and uninhibited, anti-thought, so we only spent a couple days doing most of the writing. In many ways,  it is a reaction to the first (album), kind of like night and day. The first one is textured and energetic; this one is minimal and subdued. The cover of the first one is light; the cover of this one is dark. The first one smells like a beach. …This one smells like palo santo. 

America Becoming a Nation Of Debts?

People were dogged with the past memory,with the thought of voting for Clinton because a win for Hillary would put her husband, the former president, back in the White House too: "Oh God,With Bill Clinton. All our Life's was so good back with Clinton.

No, America has less debt than Japan. Japan has a higher GDP/debt ratio.

To r1b1c* :
Many countries around the world call the U.S. the word "America".