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Mortgage lending at a high for Bath Building Society as it continues to grow

The mortgage book has increased to a record high of £242.5m (2016: 231.2m) with gross mortgage lending at £47.6m (2015: £43.6m).

The Society’s assets rose by 4.4% to £311.7, from £298.9m on the previous year and it showed an 11.9% increase in its reserves from £29.9m to £33m year on year.

Dick Jenkins, Chief Executive, said: “The Society’s record overall profit results contain some one off items, such as the sale of our subsidiary letting business, from which the Society has benefited.

“Looking under the surface at the core business, we have had another excellent year in which , despite huge competition and a rather lacklustre housing market, we have once again grown our mortgage book and successfully targeted groups of customers that are poorly served by the big banks.

5 Classic Horror Films That Didn't Get Much Oscars Acclaim

It’s enough to make your head spin. What could have possessed the Academy to spurn the director William Friedkin’s terrifying tale of a pea soup-spewing little girl played by Linda Blair in favor of George Roy Hill’s con-men comedy, “The Sting,” for best picture, director, art direction and editing?

William Peter Blatty did win for adapting his own novel into a screenplay, but he didn’t have to compete with “The Sting,” which fell into the original screenplay category. Ms. Blair lost best supporting actress to a less demonic youngster, Tatum O’Neal, for “Paper Moon,” while Ellen Burstyn, who played Ms. Blair’s mother, was defeated for best actress by Glenda Jackson for “A Touch of Class.”

“The Exorcist” did win for best sound, and I can offer personal testimony as to its effectiveness. I was too young to see the movie while it was in theaters, but when I was in junior high school, I tried to watch it on HBO — except my family didn’t subscribe to the channel, so I could see only scrambled images. Still, the sound alone scared the bejesus out of me — to the point where I never watched the film until I was assigned this story. The horror, the horror!

America Becoming a Nation Of Debts?

People were dogged with the past memory,with the thought of voting for Clinton because a win for Hillary would put her husband, the former president, back in the White House too: "Oh God,With Bill Clinton. All our Life's was so good back with Clinton.

No, America has less debt than Japan. Japan has a higher GDP/debt ratio.

To r1b1c* :
Many countries around the world call the U.S. the word "America".