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Meet the artist painting pictures to help pay the mortgage

His long-term Danish partner Annie had to go back home five months ago to care for her 86-year-old father and is now paying for accommodation in Denmark, leaving Paul with the sole responsibility of paying the UK mortgage.

He said: “This means that my painting career has now really got to pay its way.

“With that in mind I shall be exhibiting more during 2017 and I am also supplementing sales with teaching art, which I’m really enjoying.

"Annie keeps telling me to ‘get a proper job’ or ‘go back to my career as a graphic designer’ but this is where my heart is and I believe in my abilities."

As part of his proactive year Paul is showing his work in his home studio for the Open for Art festival.

He is supplementing his income with a part-time job in the Londis store next to his home.

Paul said: "I love Puddletown. I have thought about going to Denmark, but I love living in Dorset.

"One of the good things about working in the shop is doing deliveries and driving round the Cerne Valley.

Coast Chronicles: Saving the family farm

Several years ago Larkin Stentz struggled to hang on to Green Angel Gardens and Sustainable Living Center, the 1.25-acre organic homestead on 6807 Sandridge Road in Long Beach. The combination of the economic downturn and the following hard times, some bank loans and a few late payments sent Larkin into a several year spiral of financial wrangling.

Things looked exceedingly dire for a while, but with the help of some friends and a dose of good solid legal advice, Larkin managed to turn things around. As Larkin tells it, “I was getting off on fighting the banks, sort of like David against Goliath, but the more I became David, the bigger Goliath got. So at one point I just said, ‘OK, Universe, this is in your hands.’”

“Then I got a notice from Washington state’s attorney general, almost as an aside, saying, ‘Oh, by the way, they can’t foreclose on a farm — they’ll have to sue you.’ So that moved it to a whole new level and put the bank on the spot. At that point I was able to get an attorney from the Northwest Justice Project Foreclosure Protection Unit out of Sequim. I spoke with a volunteer attorney there who helped me negotiate a new mortgage deal, one that I could afford.”

America Becoming a Nation Of Debts?

People were dogged with the past memory,with the thought of voting for Clinton because a win for Hillary would put her husband, the former president, back in the White House too: "Oh God,With Bill Clinton. All our Life's was so good back with Clinton.

No, America has less debt than Japan. Japan has a higher GDP/debt ratio.

To r1b1c* :
Many countries around the world call the U.S. the word "America".