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City pushes to tear down 'zombie home' in Lents

The owner of a well-publicized "zombie" house in Lents says it has agreed to demolish the abandoned and neglected house, although any work on its part is still at least several weeks away.

In response to questions from the Portland Tribune, Pete Bakel, a spokesman for the Federal National Mortgage Association, said last Thursday that his organization has "approved" demolishing the house at 5017 S.E. 88th Ave. That was one day after the Bureau of Development Services asked a city hearings officer to approve an order requiring the house to be torn down.

"We have been diligently working on the demolition of the property," said Bakel, whose organization is commonly called Fannie Mae.

But Josiah Broomfield, a BDS senior housing inspector, says no demolition permit has yet been sought from his agency. Instead, Fannie Mae has only requested that an insurance inspector be allowed access to the property on Aug. 17 — days after the hearing officer is expected to rule on the city's request.

Why do you need to input national insurance number on mortgage application? UK?

I have had a mortgage app approved but I was just wondering why you have to input your national insurance number? Is there anything they can find out from the number itself? Would lenders have access to any records from the number?

Its just a way they can confirm who you are, they don't use it to gather any information so it isn't anything for you to worry about.