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American Greed - S04E08 - Flipping Frenzy Scam

Jeanetta Standefor runs Accelerated Funding Group. The company claims to use investors' funds to save homeowners from foreclosure. But while ...

Call for major government funding boost for community colleges

Community colleges enroll large numbers of low-income students, who increasingly are students of color. And policy makers are challenging two-year colleges to increase socioeconomic mobility for those students. Yet a new report, backed by a broad range of experts, says community colleges are not being adequately funded.

The report released Thursday by the Century Foundation, a nonpartisan progressive think tank, calls for greater investment in the country’s community colleges by building federal-state partnerships that incentivize states to reinvest. The foundation also called on lawmakers to support research that would for the first time establish the true cost of educating community college students.

“Community colleges are described as a ticket to the middle class,” said John B. King Jr., former U.S. secretary of education during the Obama administration. “Community colleges have the majority of their students coming from the bottom two income quartiles, as opposed to elite private universities, where maybe, at best, a fifth of students come from the bottom two income quartiles. So, community colleges are essential if we want to have a society where folks can move across income quartiles.

Port Houston seeks accelerated funding for widened, deepened channel

The Port Commission of the Port of Houston Authority met recently with stakeholders, federal government representatives, and member of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers to explore ways to accelerate the widening of the Houston Ship Channel.

The project, which will mark the 11th significant expansion of the nation’s busiest waterway, will include widening of the entire Galveston Bay reach as part of the latest dredging project. To ensure unimpeded access to the 52-mile channel’s upper reaches, the Commission is coupling this with a business rule that only one vessel large enough to demand one-way traffic will be able to access a Port Authority Terminal each week. The commission will be taking on proposals for Port Authority and industry funding to support the ship channel endeavor.

The expansion is even more important due to the fact that Houston currently houses the largest petrochemical manufacturing complex in the Western Hemisphere, and has seen increased

Funding an accelerated nursing (BSN) degree?

I am interested in nursing as a second career. I already work in a hospital and I love the environment and I love working with patients. Switching to nursing would also mean a big jump in my salary.

Speak to the financial aid office staff at your school. Also, there are programs that will forgive student loans for nursing programs if you commit to working in an underserved area (for instance, a rural hospital).

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Why a Colorado Mortgage loan Lender Can Color Your Earth

And finest of all, they can even assist you help save your greenbacks since of their distinct applications that would match your wants.

No Monochromes Make sure you

Colorado can not just be acknowledged as "The Colorful State" without having any excellent cause. Aside from majestic mountains, animate rivers and a multitude of picturesque sceneries, there are a developing range of affordable genuine estates that would be just right for your spending budget. A Colorado mortgage loan company would not just support locate the proper home for you, they will even enlighten you about the complexities of picking a bank loan. Of course, you can not expect all lenders to have all the good intentions, but you can safeguard your self. The greatest strategy when you are looking for a veritable Colorado mortgage loan company is to shop all around for a home bank loan right to about 4 or 5 loan companies. Then, you can check with with a broker no matter whether you identified the finest offer in town or not. Nonetheless, if decide to see a colorado mortgage loans broker, you ought to inquire oneself: In the quest to get the finest financial loan, is the broker obliged to set your interests ahead of his? How a lot precisely will he earn when you make this bank loan? And have you previously consulted enough loan companies to often check the current phrases and premiums?

Do not be Blinded By Black

Correct, it can be head-numbing to juggle with terms like "adjustable-charge mortgage" and "yield-distribute premiums". We haven't even mentioned the real figures and the math that arrives with it that would make your simple planet murky black if you will not seek out the help of a Colorado mortgage loan company. For the duration of these occasions, when home foreclosures are rampant, you should genuinely be careful not to be trapped below "predatory loans". You really should make clear all service fees and charges you need to shell out so you will not be duped into taking mortgages that is riddled with large prepayment penalties and unbelievable fascination premiums can speedily rise. Apart from surveying a quantity of loan companies and brokers, folks in Colorado embroiled in mortgage loan problems are now being entertained by the colorado mortgage loans Housing and Urban Development counselors. Individuals can consult these counselors if their loans are federally insured or not. These housing counselors can even help borrowers deal with loan companies about their payments, as properly as sharing the crucial monetary suggestions to Colorado homeowners.

Life can without a doubt be colorful in Colorado simply because there are issues you can do to make it greater. You ought to consider to check with a Colorado mortgage loan loan company now and learn how you can paint your dreams into a brilliant reality.

Mortgage loan financial loan processes are sometimes so complicated that most possible home owners need to use the solutions of House loan Brokers. Home loan Brokers supply professional suggestions on cost-effective property loans that are tailor-produced to match the consumer's fiscal interests and ambitions. Technically, they are real estate financing specialists who act as independent contractors. But with no House loan Brokers, who are known to have devised progressive mortgage offers, low-revenue borrowers would only be constructing “castles in the air” instead of realizing their dream of owning a residence.

-- When you're looking for Colorado mortages, whether it is Conventional Loans, FHA Lending options, VA Loans, Jumbo Loans, CHAFA personal loans, USDA loans, Rehabilitate Loans or Alter Mortgages, we are here that will. primary residential mortgage Source: