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The Mortgage Professor: Price transparency key to expanding reverse-mortgage ...
The National Reverse Mortgage Lenders Association trade group has 223 members, and all but a handful are loan providers - lenders or brokers. Further, there are at least that many, and probably many more, reverse mortgage brokers that are not members.

The Mortgage Professor: Breaking the logjam on reverse mortgages
We checked the websites of the more than 200 members of the National Reverse Mortgage Lenders Association trade group and found none that fill the bill. The only calculator that tries to do it all is the one provided by the trade group itself, which is

Habitat for Humanity worries new lending law will hurt poor
Habitat for Humanity worries new lending law will hurt poor Habitat for Humanity is, in essence, a mortgage lender. It helps families secure more than 4,000 interest-free loans annually. Because many of those low-income families are considered subprime borrowers, their loans are subject to the higher-scrutiny 

US home sales edged up 1 percent in December
US home sales edged up 1 percent in December Yun is forecasting sales will remain around the 2013 level of 5.09 million in 2014 as such factors as tighter mortgage lending standards and limited inventories impede further progress in the housing market. Total housing inventory at the end of

Mortgage market and interest rate commentary for Thursday May 17, 2012

Mortgage market and interest rate update by Bruce Brown, CMPS with Prime Lending and host of Dollars and Homes on KCMO Talk Radio 710 in Kansas City.

Congress moves to dismantle key post-crisis bank rules

U.S. banks' net income climbed to $56 billion in the January-March quarter, a 27.5 percent increase from a year earlier, as profits were revved up by the corporate tax cuts enacted late last year, the Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. reported Tuesday.

"This is not a bill that benefits consumers. It is a big-bank bonanza," Rep. Al Green, D-Texas, said in debate on the House floor before the vote.

The bill makes a fivefold increase, to $250 billion, in the level of assets at which banks are deemed to pose a potential threat if they fail. The change would ease regulations and oversight on more than two dozen financial institutions, including BB&T Corp., SunTrust Banks, Fifth Third Bancorp and American Express.

Eventually, the exempted banks will no longer have to undergo an annual stress test conducted by the Federal Reserve. The test assesses whether a bank has a big enough capital buffer to survive an economic shock and keep on lending. The banks also will be excused from submitting plans called "living wills" that spell out how a bank would sell off assets or be liquidated in the event of failure so it wouldn't create chaos in the financial system.

Mortgage rate shopping especially effective in these US cities

Where rate shopping works

Mortgage rate shopping can save home buyers immensely on their loans, but apparently, it doesn’t stop there. According to a new analysis from LendingTree, rate shopping in certain markets can save even more.

Verify your new rate (Jun 4th, 2018) Tampa takes the cake

LendingTree’s analysis found that rate shopping in Tampa, Florida, ushers in the biggest share of savings. Buyers in Tampa save $67 per month on a $225,000 home purchase – or about $800 per year. Over the life of their loan, they save around $17K.

Kansas City, Portland and New York were tied for second. Buyers in Kansas City save around $705 per year by rate shopping, while those in Portland save just under $1,000.

In terms of total savings, California markets show the highest dollar-value saved as a result of rate shopping – likely because home prices require much larger loans. San Francisco buyers average $65K in savings due to rate shopping – the equivalent of about $254 per month. Buyers in Los Angeles and San Diego save around $42K on their loans.

Is there a mortgage lender in Kansas City who will write a loan uner 20k?

I've found a few homes I am interested in for under 20k but cannot find a lender for such a "small amount".
This would be a primary reseidence, only minimal repairs needed.

It depends on:

what your going to do with them
How many
what there worth.